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Hello Everyone!! I bring exciting news today, which is the announcement of my 6 Precious Cross Gene Supporters. These 6 Gems will be helping me in the successful growth of the community. These girls know my love and deals with my SPAZZING of Sangmin saying Giyomi during his concert.

☆ Totes not kidding. They were spammed with stickers cause I drowned in feels.

☆ They will be helping me in introducing these beautiful majestic creatures to Vingle more.

☆ I introduced them to their fate of our

《Majestic Angel Faces》

♧ CandY Mod Squad:

♧ Wild Chic Gene

Her bias of the group is our very own

《Casper The Friendly Ghost》

This next Gem is

♧ Gorgeous Gene

The Beautiful Takuya is the one who has her heart!

♧ I fully approve.

♧ Presh Gene

Is the gem who adores Takuya's Ship Mate, Shin ♡

♧ MyPace Gene

Our Beautiful Maknae here, is the hearts eyes to our BaileyBear

♧ Presh Gene

She is another Victim of the Shin Bug

♧ Gorgeous Gene

snatched her up too

⏫My Two Biases ♡●♡ ⏫

♧ Miracle Gene ♧ Organic Gene

So, I'd like to Extend an additional Thanks to My Babies, for partaking in this with me.

♡ I love you Babies

♧ We will be sure to bring you all a great Quarter!

If you'd like to Be tagged in Cross Gene cards, leave a comment Below, in order for me to make a tag list.

Tagging The Yaks:

Tagging Requested For Cross Gene:

ahh they make me feel crazy. 😣😍😍
Love it
@VixenViVi Yeasss Vivi!!! ♡♡
Wooooooo! let's get the gene party started!!!
@IsoldaPazo ♡♡ I'm so excited to bring them forth more!!
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