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This anime hasn't gotten a huge amount of light for its intense animation as well as animated spurred world!! It's an intense psycho active based anime that's seriously thrilling and also fun!! Beyond all logic it reaches in throughout the mind of dreams and creating them into a display of reality!! Don't forget the awesome music that mixes it all up!! It's rated 8.16 on MAL Synopsis- In the real world, she is the renown and highly intelligent Dr. Atsuko Chiba. In the dream world, she is the spunky redhead Paprika. Thanks to a new technology developed at Chibas lab called a DC Mini, Paprika is able to jump into peoples dreams with the ease of a driver switching lanes. The dream machine allows her to see into the dreamers deepest thoughts by entering and analyzing their dreams, then using that information to resolve emotional and psychological issues. Even the inventors arent sure of the true extent of the power of the DC Mini. Just imagine the world of good this kind of technology can do… unless it falls into the wrong hands. A prototype DC Mini has been stolen, and Paprika is on the case. Its up to this dream detective to track down and stop the thief through the psychedelic backdrop of peoples dreams. Paprika will need to hurry, before the dream machine does some serious damage. Source- IMAL2 app Check it out NAKAMA!! Its an amazing anime. My regular annual re watch of big time anime!! Anime is life!!