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Photographer Marshall Humble "I was out at Keawa'ula Beach for the New Moon. Which is south of Keana Point in the Ewa (West) side of the Waianae Mountain Range. This spot is know to the surfers, and most locals, as Yokohama Bay (Beach) or Yokos. This area was known by the ancient Hawaiians for the spirits that dwelt there. Here, the spirits of those who died would be tested to be allowed to continue on to Po or be turned back. Here, the Hawaiians would hear the shuffling of feet and see the kukui lamp lights of dreaded night marchers. Keawa'ula ahupua'a encompassed all of today's Yokohama Beach to and including Ka'ena Point. It was from Ka'ena Point that the folk hero Maui tried to hook Kauai to Oahu and failed. Ancient Hawaiians claimed the point was a leina (a jumping place into Po) where spirits leaped from life into the afterworld. Yes this is the same write up as the earlier post ;). This is the Milky Way seen over the sea."
@LauraMatthews Yep, that's exactly when I said when I first saw it. :)