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Nothing like last minute! So I decided to just highlight a few of my favorite rappers. I had way too many, so this is just an abbreviated list :)
T.O.P - Big Bang
G-Dragon - Big Bang
Suga - BTS
Bam Bam - Got7
Minzy - 2ne1
I.M - Monsta X
Tablo - Epik High
Amber - f(x)
B.I - iKON
Gary - Leessang
Oh my god, rappers are the best!!!! And you even included Gary!! He's so cool!!!! CX
yo gary!!! I love him haha
@sarahdarwish @JamiMilsap Yay!! I'm so happy you're both checking him out - I hope you like him 😊
@resavalencia You're right there are so many good rappers in kpop! Love your list here! Now I have to go check out Kang Gary too. I'm a big fan of him on Running Man but I've never seen him perform! I've seen all the others acting or signing (Jong Gook has the sweetest voice, and I love HaHa & Skull's reggae too) And I knew Gary was in music some kind of way, but hadn't gotten around to checking out with who or as what yet. .so thanks!
IM going to go check them out so I can fangirl with you 🙈
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