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What is your name the girl says behind the counter, so I say "CALLIE" raising my voice a little in case she didnt hear me, I even spelled it for her. She nods her head and writes it my names called and I walk up to the counter and she spells it "KELLY" regardless of what I said to her....*sigh* usual all my life I've been haunted by a ghost name "KELLY"..... So I ask, whats in a name? How does it define you? Does the spelling matter? If so, do you find it bothersome that your whole life people assume your name is spelled a certain way therefore you're constantly correcting people and even with that they rudely disregard you......*sigh*....*goes back and finish my bubble tea*...
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it pisses me off when people say and spell it wrong
5 years ago·Reply
I always have to tell them my middle name and even then sometimes they put moo instead of moon
5 years ago·Reply
@AmoretteVisser ...I don't mean to laugh but yeah, I can relate, lolz
5 years ago·Reply
people always get soooo close to spelling it right for me haha my friend just uses his last name since its common
4 years ago·Reply
my names pretty easy lol marie but I have had people write other things before, or just put a smiley face hahaha!!
4 years ago·Reply