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Monsta X Supporter Intro!

Hey Guys! So Guess What?

@JohnEvans asked me to take part in the wonderful Monsta X community as a supporter and I said yes! ^^ So, I'll keep fangirling over here with you all about Monsta X.

But first! Let me tell you a little about myself!

☆ Annahi is my name. ☆ I am 22 years young. ☆ Born & Raised in California. ☆ Taeyang got me into Kpop in 2009 without even knowing with the song 'Wedding Dress' but I didn't get truly sucked in until I started watching Kdramas in 2013 and discovered more Kpop groups/idols. ☆ I've been a Monbebe since No.Mercy and Mad Clown contributed into getting me into them! Lol ☆ Monsta X is my #1 Kpop group, followed with BTS next, but I love many other groups and idols. ☆My Monsta X Biases are Hyungwon and Shownu! Is there anything more you would like to know about me? Leave a Comment down below and I'll be glad to answer! :) If you have any questions or just simply want to fangirl/fanboy with me please do so! :D Please be looking forward to my upcoming Monsta X posts!

Hwaiting Monbebes ☆!

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@MandyNoona aaah 'Hug Me' was great, seeing their sexual side, (; lol and Seokwan was there too assh!! My favorite are the dance performances of Team SEGYERO & Team 5JANGNAM! I was a big #GUN and Jooheon fan BUT after so much confusion I ended up falling for Shownu and Hyungwon & staying there ^^ lol Aaah it's nice knowing another fan since No.Mercy! We've been through a lot 😅😅 & Most definetly I will add you to my Monbebe list!
can you add me? I'm also a monbebe. Kihyun and Shownu are my biases but Wonho and Jooheon keep trying to creep up while Minhyuk, Hyungwon, and I.M. keep being adorable and distracting me. I've loved them since No Mercy too! //Still not over that "Hug Me" Performance//
Thank you! *blush blush* 😁😆
Yay that's so awesome!! Congrats!!
Thank you! 😅 @JohnEvans 😆
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