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Part II of the scavenger hunt.
This is my Scavenger Hunt Partner - @KDSnKJH. Please enter us into the prize drawing.
1. Video of any BIGBANG member's birthday celebration.
this video is so cute - ok - Tabi - i'll feature your bday celebration than GD's... just this once =)
2. Pictures of any two members in a red shirt.
3. Video, picture or gif of Daesung with any member of 2ne1. Daesung + Dara
4. Using any combination of videos, pictures or gifs, show me a situation where BIGBANG reminds you of another Kpop group you like. Explain your answer.
There's only ONE other kpop group that I go crazy about (on all fronts) as much as I do with Big Bang now - H.O.T. Big Bang's is the king of kpop nowadays, just as H.O.T. was the pioneer of kpop back then. Both groups have styles and songs that are one of a kind and unexpected. And Big Bang does remind me of how I first got into Kpop..
5. Picture of TOP holding a drink.
Tabi started young... just saying... =)
6. Using pictures or gifs, show me what type of animal each member would be. Explain your answer.
GD - what a pity dragon doesn't exist. As an alternative, GD would be a tiger cub - cool, cute, and with a sharp instinct sense of leadership and how to kill (us girls) when he wants!
Taeyang - Taeyang shames on solo but definitely is a anchor of Big Bang - just like how wolf packs works. Extremely loyal and trustworthy with friends. And, Taeyang and wolf are both extremely warm... also just like Jacob from Twilight.. hahahahaha
Daesung - sorry this just stuck in my head with his 2015 hairstyle! haha.. but they also both share some admirable qualities - humble, never complains about their hardwork, and approachable which often time didn't get all the attention that they deserve..
TOP - for some reason I think TOP would be a deer. Mysterious, spiritual, something that would make your heart skips a beat when you see it
Seungri - a fox... naughty, knows it all, and a little sneaky at times... =)
7. Taeyang aegyo
i found this and I laughed by myself for a good 5min...
8. Find a picture of any member wearing jewelry and then a picture or link to where you can buy it.
9. Video footage of all members pre-debut.
Hm... may be even be pre-school... =)
additional one when the final 5 are picked..
10. Picture, video or gif of Seungri eating.
11. Favorite pictures of each member smiling.
oh my i can't stop... TY is blushing for me... =p
12. Pictures, video or gifs of instances when Park Jimin looked like GD, with images of GD for comparison.
all credits go back to owner
Bias Bae Bae's - @sailynn & @katyng52
@katyng52 He is a cute baby bear!!!
@lovetop @KDSnKJH I knew I have those pictures on my phone for a reason!!!!!! perfect for this card 😂😂 though I can't find the cow picture on Happy Together episode, that was even better ... 😝
I was NOT NOT NOT expecting the Daesung animal picture!!! This was soooo goooood!!😄😄😄😄😄😄
TOP... drink since kids.😅😅😅😅... but I like it!!! drink...drinks!!!!