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Here is the direct translation of the exclusive article from Dispatch: Kai and Krystal. They are often referred to as Kaistal. For the reasons that they are the same age born in year 94′, they entered their trainee days on the same year and because they look really good together. But they were always nothing but friends together. But as friends and being in the same trainee class, they always cheered each other. They always looked after one another. That is why they fallen for one another. EXO Kai (Kim Jongin) and f(x) Krystal (Jung Soojung) have fallen in real love with each other. It is not a fans fiction or imagination. This was a date that happened in real life. Dispatch has caught their real life date red-handed. Last February, EXO has invested their time for their world tour. They met with international fans in both USA (LA, Chicago, New York), Canada (Vancouver) and Indonesia (Jakarta). Group f(x) also had a busy month in February. They had their own concert in Japan in four cities including Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya and Fukuoka. EXO went back and forth of USA and Asia while f(x) went back and forth from Korean to Japan. But the two found time for each other regardless. They found little time to enjoy their dates. Kai came back to Korea on February 16th after EXOs LA tour. He only had 2 days before his Chicago concert. They spent the 17th to spend a day with one another. The visited a lobster restaurant located in Kangbook. This was a favorite place for the Jung sisters. Kai ate at one of Krystals favorite restaurants. The date went on like this: They made time for each other after comparing schedules. When Kai came back from Jakarta and Krystal came back from Nagoya on March 1st, their date happened once again. Kai and Krystals relationship starts way back from 10 years ago. They met as SM trainees back in year 2007. They became very close for the reason that they were both born in year 1994. Even their appearances and personalities are similar. Both of their faces are often regarded as cold. They connect with one another for this reason. But their bodies are really hot. They are considered to have one of the best bodies in K-pop.But they are completely different off-stage. Kai is very nice. He is notorious for taking care of his members and fans. For Krystal, she is full of aegyo. Were these the reasons? Many fans have really wished that they dated in real life. They were often mentioned as fictional couple that would rule the industry. It was because they resembled one another in face, facial expression and personality. Their chemistry especially shined during their dates. They did not exactly tried to look good, but they still looked great. Even if their facial expressions were cold, they looked at each other with warm stares. Kai was very mannered while Krystal was cute. It has been heard from their friend that: They both know that they resemble each other not only in appearance, personality, music taste, fashion and hobbies. It was only time before they started to become a couple. Kai and Krystal have been building up their friendship for a long time. And starting 2016 spring, they found that they were actually in love. Kaistal is now not a imagination but a start of a true relationship.