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Hello! New to Monsta X? Well I am here to introduce you to them and give you the basic info! Alright let's get started!

Let's start with the members!


Birth Name: Son Hyun Woo Stage Name: Shownu Birthday: June 18, 1992 Position: Leader, Dancer, Vocalist Blood Type: O -Former JYP trainee and was supposed to debut with GOT7 -He's still friends with the GOT7 members -He was in D-Unit's "Talk to My Face" and Lee Hyori's "Bad Girl"


Birth Name: Lee Joo Heon Stage Name: Jooheon Birthday: October 6, 1994 Position: Rapper Blood Type: B -He did a song with San E & Hyorin called "Coach Me" -King of Aegyo


Birth Name: Shin Ho Seok Stage Name: Wonho Birthday: March 1, 1993 Position: Vocalist Blood Type: B -Not afraid to show his body -Nice body(lol)


Birth Name: Lee Min Hyuk Stage Name: Minhyuk Birthday: November 3, 1993 Position: Vocalist, Face of the Group Blood Type: A -Happy Virus


Birth Name: Lim Chang Kyun Stage Name: I.M Birthday: January 26, 1996 Position: Maknae and Rapper Blood Type: O -He can speak English -He's a former member of Nu'bility


Birth Name: Chae Hyung Won Stage Name: Hyungwon Birthday: January 15, 1994 Position: Dancer, Vocalist Height: 181 cm Blood Type: O -Them lips though -Amazing dance moves -My bae XD


Birth Name: Yoo Ki Hyun Stage Name: Kihyun Birthday: November 22, 1993 Position: Vocalist Blood Type: B -He made a song called "Pillow" with Soyou and Giriboy

Extra Info

Origin Seoul, South Korea Genres K-pop Years active 2015–present Labels Starship Entertainment Website http://www.starship-ent.com/monstax/ Label: Starship Entertainment, LOEN Entertainment MONSTA X (Hangul: 몬스타엑스) is a South Korean hip hop boy group formed by Starship Entertainment in 2015. The seven members were chosen through a survival television show called 'NO.MERCY'


1. Tresspass 2. Rush 3. Hero
No Mercy was hard to watch....watching them all cry (even the judges at times) when someone was eliminated was heartbreaking.
Hyungwon. 😍😍
Jooheon!!! He is my bae. But man Shownu be creeping along with Wonho and Kihyun.
😖😏😻😻😻😻😻😻 them men though
Hyungwon is so so so cute!!!!