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It's been a long time..... Nah but really it's been a while since I posted on Vingle. So here I go!

Song You Used To Love Now Hate

Over - Lindsay Lohan

This song made its way on onto my Ipod during my Disney phase... Now I'm like I can do without it... Can't say hate I just don't really like to listen to it much...

Song You Often Hear On The Radio


I honestly do not listen to the radio at all... Boyfriend takes over the aux cord all the time as he's the driver.

Song You Wished You Heard On The Radio

So I'll gift you two due to the fact I don't listen to the radio.

Mind Your Own Business- Ailee and Its My Turn Now- Awreeoh

While Ailee may play on the radio, I'd never hear it where I live. As for the second song, it was from the soundtrack Dope. Love both songs a lot.

Song From Your Favorite Album

Halo- Haley James Scott

Loved the One Tree Hill Vol. 2: Friends With Benefits album. Honestly listened to the whole thing even if my real intention was to get this song...

Song You Listen To When Angry

Runaway- Kanye West Feat. Pusha T

A couple of times while I worked overnight at work, this was my go to song because my filter for work sometimes wan in the wee hours of the night. So instead of going off and losing a job I listen to this... Music is my peacemaker.