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@AnthonyWinston same here
all the more reason I plan to live here.
Omg I was looking at the first photo and thought how the hell is that student hanging from that door; 馃槺 and then I turned my phone sideways...seriously tripping 馃槓
holy crap!!馃槅 that's freakin Awesome, man this is way i wanna go to Japan they do cool things then us, all we do is sit in class and gossip and start fights like we r so stupid馃構 man i WANNA GO TO JAPAN NOW!!馃槶馃槶馃槶 plus the first pic was freakin amazing i was whaat but then u turned it they're on the floor 馃槀 ah but man that fking awesome like WOW
I wish I'd been an exchange student in high school. ;_;