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Okay, so I'm doing this awesome Kpop challenge, with @Lexxcisco @PrettieeEmm and @KpopBeat! If you decide to do it, let me know! Today, is actually day 16, but I'm doing day 14 right now because I'm behind *facepalm* Favorite Leader! My favorite leader is...
Junmyeon! A.k.a. Suho Of EXO!
So, I just did an awesome card of awesome about this fantastic man, and it's here. I will share my leader love today. So have some abs.
My 2nd favorite leader is Jung Yong Hwa! Of CNBLUE.
My Next favorite leader is Park Jeong Su A.k.a. Leeteuk Of Super Junior!
Next is Lee Chai Rin A.k.a. CL Of 2NE1
Last but not least: Park Jin Woo A.k.a. JinJin Of ASTRO!
Can't forget Cha Hak-yeon (N) from Vixx!!
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@DarciAragon I know, right? There are so many amazing leaders. I can't even deal.
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