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Bare With Me
So Someone Sweet told me about another community and I'm actually excited about it...but since there is 40 chapters It will take me a while to move them all.
Honestly though if my fanfic offends any one ... or makes you uncomfortable...please tell me...
Still new to all of this... Learning as I go...
Gonna take me all day to do said change...
and gonna try to find the card rules so I don't break them...
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@MarrickeJ33 @Annaharris1989 sorry but i really have been pushing my luck. I'm surprise i haven't been reported yet ...
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@xroyalreisx it's all good. As long as you can still post and I can read them ☺. knock on wood before someone does report you. no jinxes
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I understand. Just don't go over the edge and maybe edit it so it's not as bad. Also put warnings too
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What does your story contain?
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