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I love this anime so much that I hate it for what it is! I hate the fact that he didn't get "the girl", I hate the fact that at the very very end its so satisfying to my mind and heart even tho it ripped it out and through it on the ground for the past 8'ish episodes, *sigh* it had so many twists and turns it's truly unlike any anime I've seen this far and I've seen allot of anime!! This anime makes me want so much more from it when it already gave me so much it's unclear on whether or not there is going to be a second season but I hope there is and I hope Satorou and Airi get together( it makes me so mad to think that Satorou and Kayo didn't get together tho stupid Kenya)
I know I was so pissed off when satoru and kayo didn't get together but it was a good anime for what it was
I still need to watch the last two episodes but I watched it on crunchy roll and the last two episodes aren't free XD