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I got a call... from our Kwo....eSofia.... I can't say her name as this is against the rule... for @BBxGD new Fan Fic story... the hint is her name spell like↠ Kw.... of.... a... kind↞ her story name is ▶"SOFIA" IN ▷★DRAGON'S PREY★
And as she was calling me, talking about her "Pride" being a leader is endanger!!!! (Yes..this is my newest phone Kphone 6s, I got it as gift from @KwonOfAKind...oops did I mentioned her name)
She also sending me texts asking for help on her Pride... as a "Well trusted and Beloved member" ↞that she mentioned on her card... I feel like I need to do this for her!!!! I got to let her keep her pride!!!! I will not let her down!!! here is her original card asking for help ↧ (Which you don't really need to see it)
And special thanks to our Beautiful Lovely Sweet lady @BBxGD.... for giving me "hints" to by pass the rules ...(I Love You babe!!!)
Now I depending on our community to help on the VOTE..for ▶★DRAGON'S PREY★◀ Below is the link to VOTE↧↧↧↧↧↧↧↧↧ (This you must go to VOTE!!!!)
Don't you want to see GD x Sofia. And see GD work his charms!!!!!!
Please I really want to help her out!!!! (Below is link on to Save@Kwonofakind Pride) #SaveKwonniesPride2016
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great job on finding a way around the rules.... there is always a way around them 😆😆