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So I am kind of late on this but I really wanted to do it ㅇ3ㅇ so yeah I am thinking of maybe putting like 2 cards today just to make up for some time @Lexxcisco ok so I seriously can't decided on just one person for blonde hair so I at least put 2
1. VIXX-LEO first of all my dear leo, taekwoonie. some people say it doesn't suit him but I think he looks just fine . ♡
2. EXO-SEHUN It's been a while since I've named my dear sehunnie.. I blame my sudden vixx obsession for that ..
so that was the first one :3 #Thekpopchallengehs
@Lexxcisco thank you :3 by the way in the second one red means red clothes right not red hair or..
@Emilykitetenjo I think it is either....I did clothes but...I think anything works! 😄😄😄
YAY!!! I am glad you decided to do it!!!! And yes Leo and Sehun....😍😍😍😍. I can't wait to see what other answers you put up!!!!! 😄💖💖