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So my fanfiction... 'It's So Dark, Will You Be My Light' Has been removed...
Honest one of the cards had broke guildline rules for a community and I didn't know until I found and read the card...
So I have decided to take it down and write my fanfictions on like I have been from the beginning ....
'It's So Dark, Will You Be My Light' is actually a completed fanfic I did in 2012
If you want to read from the beginning:
If you want to read from the latest chapter that would of been up:
I will also be writing my GDJP fanfiction on
and I will post a card for when I started to post new chapters to it
Cause I know myself....I know my writing style...I won't be able to post it here
Thank You to all my readers I had...I am very sorry for all of this.
@xroyalreisx Understandable. Do what's best and what you see fit
@Annaharris1989 fair warning i was updating it. on here i will be going through it tomorrow to fix the version on aff
I went to that fan fic websit cannot find your fanfic help!!!! Lol
don't worry I will follow you still on that site because I still want to read your stories
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