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So I've decided that FanFic Friday will infact, be a thing that I do. Here's the first chapter of the very first fanfic I'll be writing on Vingle ^-^ its a Hobi lovestory (for obvious reasons ;)), hope u enjoy it.
Cree's POV: "She'll be fine, no need to worry about her, Creedance is a smart girl, she will fit right in." Of course...leave it to my mother to pretend that I'm not the quiet, shy, awkward indivisual that I clearly am. Hi, my name is Creedance Lomora Everway. I'm a simple girl, with simple likes, simple life, and a simple family. Wait, scratch that, my like is no where near simple, and my family is in no way simple at all. I'm an only child, meaning my parents entire world, revolves around me, and me only. It may sound great, but in reality, being the only child in ur family gets pretty boring, and very VERY, annoying. I'm half Korean, a quarter Phillipino, and a quarter Hispanic. Interesting mix huh? I grew up speaking Korean, but I caught on to Spanish when I would stay with my Hispanic grandparents. My mother is a dancer, one of the greatest, most amazing dancers you could ever see. My father is a therapist for children and teens like me. He was always a great listener, and he was so understanding Then there's me. Just a normal 15 year old girl, trying to get through life. Ever since I was a little girl, I've wanted to be just like my mom. Graceful, beautiful, and attention grabbing. I've been in countless hip hop, jazz, and ballet classes. Each one challenging, but I love it. Now, back to the current situation. My father got a new job promotion, meaning my parents and I had to move from L.A, here in California, all the way to Seoul in Korea. "But all her friends are here, and you know how hard it is for her to come out of her shell." My father said. My parents were currently having a discussion in the kitchen, completly unaware that I was listening from the top of the staircase. "Maybe this is just what she needs, a new school, and new people. It will be great! She got accepted into the best preforming arts academy, I just know that she'll be happy! Maybe she'll even finally get a boyfriend!" I heard my mother squeal. I could practically hear my father's eye roll. "She should focus on her studies first. Now darling, its been a long day, and we need to finish the last of our packing. Our flight leaves early tomorrow." My father replied, getting out of his seat. I scrambled to my feet and rushed to my room to avoid being caught. Once I reached my room, I shut the door and flopped onto my bed, staring at the ceiling. "This is just great..." I mumbled, closing my eyes, hoping to wake up from the nightmare I was sure I was having.

Yayyyyyyy, first chapter is done!!!! If u wished to be tagged for future chapters, just let me know in the comments. Also, leave a review of what u thought. I hope you liked it ^-^

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It seems good so far! Keep going! ^-^