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Hello and welcome to the 2nd season of Foreign Flower! A novel that includes all five Kings of BigBang! <3
Whoo! Finally! How long has it been? Too long? Well the wait is finally over!
Are you ready to start and finish this season with a wave full of feels? Well you better be! :D
I hope you enjoyed all the teasers I unleashed! Because I regret nothing! XD
Missed the first season? No worries I gotchu :*
REALLY recommend going back and reading the chapters from the beginning or else the references that will be made may won't make any sense.
>>>>>>>>Season 1<<<<<<<<
----> Chapter 4
-----> Chapter 5
------> Chapter 6
-------> Chapter 7
--------> Chapter 8
---------> Chapter 9
----------> Chapter 10
-----------> Chapter 11
------------> Chapter 12
-------------> Chapter 13
--------------> Chapter 14
Missed the trailers? I gotchu too! :* (Trust me, they're important too!)
Sooo I decided to straight up tell you who the bias is right now.
Who do you think it is?
To those who voted-
50.6% Believe it's a TOP story.....
37% Believe it's a GD story...
9.9% think it's about TaeYang.
And then we have the maknae line.
Where only 2.4% believe either a DaeSung or SeungRi story.....
You guys are harsh :p
So who is it?
Lemme give you ONE MORE HINT before I drop the Bias.....
Can you tell?
*Waits patiently as you take your time to fangirl*
I figured that each member deserves a shot under the spotlight and I tried to keep the floor open for anything. :)
How many death threats am I gonna get now? c:
Is there a main story? Of course there is but I'm not going to say who it was because I love all of BigBang and since everyone has different biases and different theories, I wanted to make this a happy event! :D
Shout out to @catchyacrayon! When you mentioned in Chapter 5 that it would be cool for me to open up the field to choose your own bias, I literally died because this was something I had been planning since the beginning! x) I was like, "Holy crap! She's on to me! She's on to me!" x)
>>> Author's Note- These are all alternative dimensions so each story does not correlate with each other HOWEVER some scenarios will be similar in each story due to being key parts in the plot-line but the reactions will differ between each member. :)
BTW, I apologize for any of the puns you may read in the future.
Well actually, I don't apologize. I'm a pretty punny person.... :3
So- Who. Will. You. Chose....? ;D
Author's 2nd note- Please keep in mind that each story will differ in length depending on the member.
Let me know what you think!
(Author's 3rd note- They're all called petals because petals make up the flower.... :3)
Who's story do you want to get released first?!
Let me know here! >>>>>>>>>>> Vote <<<<<<<<<
(You can go back and vote multiple times for your favorite! :3)
So share this with friends! Get them on your boat! Make cards, get the message out and if your vote wins, you'll be getting THAT member story next!
Voting polls END Wednesday @ 11:59:59pm Pacific Time!
I'll release the results on Thursday that way I can begin publishing Monday! :D
(Because releasing all five stories at once would be murder....... e.e)
Thank you for everything! <3 <3
Tagging those who will probably hate me now... :3
If you do not see your name on here and wish to be tagged, let me know! :D
If you do see your name on here and wish to be removed, let me know.... :c
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I'm totally reading all of them 😂😋 So happy season two is here!!!
Seungri please! I read all the petals!!They were all really good.
Tag me please
Been reading them I can't chose which one I like best! Just tag me in all of them so wanna know what happens!!