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Welcome to the San Francisco Giants community fellow Vinglers!

This is David, your San Francisco Giants community moderator! I can't wait to meet all of you and just talk Giants all day everyday.


2016 is an even year and we all know what that means! That is right. Time for another World Series ring! I really think we can do it once again especially now that we have the Shark and Johnny Baseball on our rotation.
Even Year Magic is no longer magic. It's science.

And as you can tell from my profile pic, my favorite Giant is Buster Posey.

He is the best catcher in the league and he will forever wear that black and orange jersey!

Oh did I also mention he bought a house in the Bay Area this offseason? We love him and he loves us and it was meant to be.

Well enough about me! Tell me about yourself --------

Who is your favorite Giant? Why do you love the Giants?

Comment away in the comments section below!

Oh and if you still haven't joined the San Francisco Giants community...

Come join the club right now ------> San Francisco Giants Community!
Congrats!!! And go orange and black!!!!
Love the Giants, they're my hometeam now! My favorite player is Brandon Crawford
Even Year Magic! Let's go Giants!!!!!
@TessStevens Crawford...he's also from the Bay Area haha.
@mchlyang Same here and congrats on the MLB mod job to you too
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