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Wolf of Wall Street dives into the sex, drugs, yachts and 1990s excess of New York stockbroker Jordan Belfort, who penned the best-selling memoir The Wolf of Wall Street. DiCaprio stars as Belfort, a hard-living sort who makes mad money on Wall Street ($49 million in 1996 alone) and enjoys the booze — he tosses at least one drink into a bush — and babes that come with it. The good times last for only so long, though, because the FBI shows up wanting Belfort to help in their case involving securities fraud and corruption. credit: usatoday
@shoenami You make a find point. :D That is true.
@YinofYang I know..:( but oh well.. hanging virtually with you here is not so bad either! XD
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@YinofYang I knowwww... :( and then get ice cream after
@shoenami Awww, sis! Thanks! I wish I could be like, let's meet at 4pm and go watch it.
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