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These April Fools' Food Pranks Are Epic.

So it's officially April 1st, and if you haven't come up with a way to prank your friends today, it's time to get a move on it!

Fortunately, I've scoured the Internet for some pretty hilarious - and very much doable - pranks that you can set up with foods you might already have at home.

Warning: These pranks might end friendships.

Treat them to some caramel apples - with a surprise onion!

Mix Skittles and Reese's Pieces into their M&Ms.

Squeeze out some of their toothpaste and replace it with mayo.

Or use that toothpaste to replace the cream in some Oreos.

Fill a bag of chocolate chip bread with bread filled with raisins.

Replace their deodorant stick with some soft cream cheese.

Fill jelly donuts up with sriracha - or just pretend you did.

Hide their office supplies in a Jell-O mold.

Fill a bottle of Coca-Cola with Sprite and soy sauce.

Freeze their breakfast cereal before serving it to them.

So which prank do you like the best? Have any others to recommend? Let me know in the comments below!

@IMNII I would probably laugh hysterically if I accidentally smeared cream cheese into my pits.
@deilig I showed my raisin-hating best friend the bread one, and she was like "UNFORGIVABLE." Lol she would BFF break up with me right away.
Omg...I think I'd cry if I bit into piece of presumably chocolate chip bread and it turned out to be a raisin. You have to be prepared for raisins! You can't just accept a raisin when you're expecting smooth melty chocolate! THE AGONY!! 😭😭😭😭 ...Not even gonna lie, I'd probably lick the cream cheese. Then once I washed it off I'd go dig in the fridge and eat the rest of it... Maybe even with a spoon...maybe even with a Sriracha doughnut.
😂 some of these are cold hearted! lol. not even my worse enemy deserve this.
Love these ideas!!!!
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