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And here we are, once again... This went from being a oneshot, to something much bigger and I don't have a problem with that. Enjoy part three!
This is based on the screenshot game by @Sarabear1021 & @AshleyEmmert which you can find my results card here. You can find part one here, and part two here.
As we walked, I would let my fingers slip from Suho’s to grasp an egg from its hiding place, hesitating as I’d pop it open, grinning as I found an egg with an eraser of Junmyeon’s face. “I’ll cherish it forever!” I held it close to my cheek and smiled, peering over at Suho. He shook his head, but it was obvious he was trying not to laugh. “You won’t need that… you’ll have the real thing around.” I felt a blush race over my cheeks, tinting even the tips of my ears bright red. I was certainly not used to this, this whatever it was yet. As we rounded a bend in the path, we met up with a few of the members of the group. Kai looked at the two of us and smirked, offering his basket to us with a little knowing look in his eyes. “A gift for the happy couple…” He couldn’t contain his laughter, passing the basket to Suho to hold. “You two have been so stupid.” He rolled his eyes, going over to poke at Kyungsoo who had just come over, his own basket nearly overflowing. Suho looked down at Kai’s basket, his own, and then over at mine, chuckling, he moved Kai’s few eggs to his own basket, and passed the empty basket back to Jongin.
The group of you walked back, you took the time to look at your watch, eyes slightly wide at not realizing how much time had really passed. It had moved through most of the day, so it was important that we get back in at least a good amount of time.
By the time we arrived back at the main area, most people had finished and left, but the rest of EXO had waited, and they came up to us as we entered the space. I gasped as my basket was tugged from my grip, and frowned, watching Baekhyun paw through the empty eggs contained in it. He looked up at me, looking nonplussed. “You ruined the best part of the Easter egg hunt!” He tossed an empty egg in my direction, missing me entirely. “These are all empty! Where are your prizes?” I blushed, and shrugged, lifting up my entwined hand with their leader’s.
“This is all the prize I’ll ever need.” Baekhyun faked a puking face before rifling through my basket some more, and I shook my head, trying to get everyone to make their way back to the vans. “home time… you should be glad that this was the only thing on the agenda today.” After somehow corralling them back into the two vans, I hopped in my own car, emptying my pockets of my day’s treasures. I shuddered, a little sad I hadn’t lost the rubber Siwon gloves. I tossed them into my back seat, settling the rest of the things into the passenger seat. There was a soft knock on the window and I jumped, looking up and out the window. I raised an eyebrow, rolling down the window. “You’re not supposed to be here…”
Suho shrugged, reaching in, he unlocked the door and opened it, moving my things onto his lap, he plopped down in my passenger seat, making himself comfortable, and buckling his seatbelt . “That may be true… but I told Manager Lee, How was I supposed to be your Easter Surprise if I didn’t get to surprise you…” I raised an eyebrow at his supposed logic.
“And Manager Lee didn’t have a problem with that?” He grinned, and I couldn’t help but laugh. “Then let’s get you home.” I started my car, buckling up and headed towards their dorm. The vans were gone, other members having already headed inside for the night. I stopped my car outside, and I hesitated, wondering if I should say goodnight to all of them inside. My thinking was interrupted as I was poked in the side.
“Aren’t you coming in?” Suho had already undone his seatbelt and was watching me, his eyes alight with curiosity.
“I… well… maybe….” I undid my seatbelt and opened my door, getting out and then hesitating again, not sure what I was doing, I stood by the trunk of my car, half staring at the front door of their dorm. Everything was different again. I didn’t know how to act around them, again. I sighed softly, drawing a design in the condensation on my trunk. I felt more than heard Suho’s steps draw near. I couldn’t help but look at him, a smile on my lips. Somehow, in the course of the night, anything I’d had for anyone else had gone, and I was left like a fish, flopping around in my pool of uneasy air. Chuckling, he pulled me close, wrapping his arms around me. Junmyeon made me feel needed, he’d somehow wrapped himself completely around my heart. He gave me a gentle squeeze and whispered softly in my ear.
“Surprise. I hope you like it…” He leaned in, and before I could even think about what was going on, his lips connected with mine, and my mind went completely blank. I couldn’t help the soft happy noise that escaped from my lips. Somehow, my entire self had been waiting for something like this. I wanted the guys to be happy, and if I could help, so be it. I set a hand on Suho’s neck, pulling him in for a kiss. This one more needy than the last. This time, this time I needed him more than I needed my job, more than anything. I was just glad the other guy was there to hold me when I needed him. I pulled back a little, leaning my head on his shoulder. “Junmyeon… you’ve been following me all day and helping me all day. I’m pretty sure that being my surprise is like the least surprising thing you’ve done all day.”
We both laughed gently at this and he leaned down, kissing my forehead, and then helped me get back to the taxi, sending me home to think about my Easter surprise.
My Readers:
So this is the final part of this. :) I hope you've enjoyed. I will be posting hopefully another chapter of my other work tomorrow, but for now, auf wiedersehen.