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So evidently this kpop group has been a thing since 2006? I just can't get over the fact that their name is dickpunks... I mean... really...
Needless to say I didn't expect their mv's to be so tame.... But they are so not kpop, do far from the stereotypical versions of mv's I've listened to.
They are a good band, it's just a VERY unique name for a band...
yes it took a while to get over there name, found about them in like feb. jk still not over the name
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Hey the first image isnt showing up for me, i've been seeing it on a bunch of cards..do you know if you uploaded it a certain way?
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it happens if a group has copyrights to the photos or not. If they do then they will block the photos
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same when I saw them on arirang when it came on my t.v I literally thought they were joking.
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