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Did you know that: - The 'TOP' name was given by senior, Se7en. He was originally nicknamed 'Mark'. - Before join with Big Bang, he has become underground rappers as Tempo and released the song “buckwild” featuring NBK - TOP have won KBS Radio’s “Rap Battle” in 2003. - When he was young, TOP been sleepwalking. Now he just wraps tight his hoody while sleeping. - TOP can quickly calculate the number of calories - TOP watch a porn video for the first time at 5 grade. - Speed dialing (No. 1) in his phone is his mother’s number. - TOP doesn't like kinship if it's outside of work. - He begins to like rappers and want to get into the music world when at class 4 or 5 years after listening to the rapper, Notorious BIG - TOP isn't exactly your bright A student. - TOP nickname while in school is a sleepy baby. - His favorite song is’ Notorious BIG - Big Papa. “ - Classmates with Park Tae Hwan (Korean swimming athlete) - He likes to be leaders and speak the things in his mind. - Beside rapping, he also can beatbox. - Before the debut, he is very chubby, and because rejected by YG, he eventually tried hard to lose extra weight on a strict diet and exercise. At last he lose 20 kg in 40 days and finally he received by YG! - Like to wear many clothes when sleeping. - He really like pink and if you want to know his room is pink too. Credit: http://xmochipanda.tumblr.com
Awesome! He is a kid with power and determination! He will excel in all he sets his mind to do. He is, himself, the proof of success. Way to go!
Indeed he looks so much more handsome & healthy now ^^
And I can't imagine that his room is pink... hahaha
Wah he sure lost A LOT of weights!! That's very admirable :)