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Apparently Corn has become more than just your average dinner side dish. Sure you can make it into chips to dip into a nice bowl of guacamole. Maybe even cornbread or a corndog.

Of course you could always try to take one up an escalator

But have you ever said to yourself...

"I wanna put my kids in there"?

Now I would probably do this myself. It's like a ball pit! Of corn.
I mean, think about it. You could make corn angels! CORN ANGELS! I wonder if you can make a corncastle...

Sure it wouldn't be anything compared to this place:

(Mitchell, South Dakota) This place built THREE of these huge palaces out of corn and natural dyes and of course some modern building stuff that I have no clue about. Each one is bigger than the last! SO MUCH CORN! This place is pretty darn cool, right?

But bare this in mind, Giant Corny Corn Palace...

Nothing is as fabulous as the Llamacorn. Nothing.

Corn is our future, you guys! Corn is life! CORN WILL TAKE OVER THE WORRRLD!

So how would you change the future of corn?
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OMG THIS IS AMAZING. Knowing me, I'd get some kernels lodged in my ear. :'(
@danidee Lmao you could always stock up on ear plugs! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜† They have these really cool squishy ones that people use for swimming to keep water out