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Do You Have Some Floss Handy?
This is pretty much my life, but it doesn't stop me from eating grilled corn on the cob at all. That stuff is DELICIOUS and NUTRITIOUS.

How do YOU guys like eating your corn?

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I loooove grilled corn! I like it any kind of way but something and it being grilled makes it special hahaha! I like to eat it with some Chipotle Aioli and Parmesan cheese. Ughhh...so good.
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I'm more concerned about that mac and cheese I see in the back..
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Mm that crouton looks good tho
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I like saying the word corn. It so fun to say and rhymes with so many words!
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2 different ways, 1. corn with green peas and mayonnaise delicious 2. corn with mayonnaise or butter with parmesean cheese and powdered chili other wise known as the elote
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