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From: Feature shoot "Is the unclothed body still the desired body? How is the body revealed in the 21st century? This exhibition presents an anthropological survey of who we are and how we define, represent and see ourselves currently. With these works the body is revealed, re-interpreted, and given innumerable shapes by the artists who are defining new ways of representing the nude through contemporary photography." Under My Skin—Nudes In Contemporary Photography is a group exhibition curated by internationally-renowned artist Mona Kuhn, featuring works by Adou, Jeff Bark, Polly Borland, Chris Bucklow, Ana Casas Broda, David Dawson, Maciek Jasik, Sarah Anne Johnson, Kim Joon, Nadav Kander, Bear Kirkpatrick, Mona Kuhn, Justine Kurland, Christophe Kutner, Deana Lawson, Glen Luchford, Malerie Marder, Geir Moseid, Mariah Robertson, Jenny Saville, Collier Schorr, Alec Soth, Bill Sullivan, Esther Teichmann, Spencer Tunick, and Shen Wei.
Love it !! This is a really nice nudist photo I seen so far
@nollakolla Those were my same thoughts seeing this. It's beautiful.
the first loooks like the birth of Venus in the classic writting