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The engaged duo stepped out Monday in L.A. for a low-key movie date night at ArcLight Cinemas, looking very much relaxed and comfortable together—the outing marked the first time the couple had been spotted together in public in months. Miley, who was wearing her engagement ring, stayed close to Liam's side, holding on to his arm as they made their way past the paparazzi. The affection, of course, wasn't one-sided! The Hunger Games hunk gallantly led the way for his fiancée. At one point, he placed a kind, protective hand on her lower back to guide her in the right direction. These photographs are the first taken of the engaged duo together since their vacation in Costa Rica back in January. cr:E!
@vodale I super agree, she was kind of stylish before :(
miley please for the love of fashion change your style
@blairwitme well, I'm getting to like them better, they seem to be really in love
@blairwitme I don't think that's happening anytime soon.. This new Miley seems like she's here to stay
they're back! Yay! if only Miley cleans up her style, everything would be great again
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