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Benjamin Franklin knew what he was doing when he invented the corn dog. Just kidding. He didn't invent the corn dog. But he was allegedly such a genius that he probably could've if he wanted to.

Not all corn dogs are created equal though. Some are kind of nasty. Like these ones. Check 'em out.

Red velvet corn dogs - part hype, part corn dog.

Just when you thought a corn dog centipede was rad, they had to make it radder with SRIRACHA EYEBALLS.

Don't worry, you guys. I made sure that these weren't real.

Care for a sloppy joe with a corn dog bun?

Corn dog-flavored lip balm. I guess that's better than dog-flavored lip balm.

This french fry-crusted corn dog is just plain majestic.

Corn bread stuffed with zucchini stuffed with hot dog. (Cue the sound of my brain exploding.)

And last, but not least, do you dare to chocolate-covered corn dog?

I hope you liked my card of CrAzY CoRn DoGs.

Which one of these would you actually eat? Which one is just full of nope? Let me know in the comments below!

the sloppy Joe one needs to shut up and take my money.
OR! You could suddenly try hot dog lip balm! Or even a French fry covered hot dog, or even a hot dog covered in chocolate! Just saying. 馃槈
@TurtleyTurtles Yes of course. I will employ your sloppy joes eating method lol.
@danidee Lol. Sorry! Maybe my method will help keep you from getting too messy?
@TurtleyTurtles Now I suddenly WANT a Sloppy Joe.
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