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Uuuuhhhh....I stretched & got out off bed. Open the window & let the summer sun stream in. Another beautiful sunny morning I smile happily. Fully rested after a good night sleep, I was in a good mood. Took a quick shower & made my way to the kitchen for breakfast. A catchy pop song came on as I turn the radio. Yep! this is me & pop songs - our relationship starts & ends over breakfast..."hajima haji haji haji hajima niga geureol ttaemada michil geot gata..." I nod my head along with the beat humming random lyrics in between. I had no clue whose song it was as I've never actually paid attention nor listened to the complete song so far. But it sure was popular I thought as it's on air every time I turn on the radio. Doing some awkward booty shakes, I grabbed couple of eggs from the fridge to whipped up an omelette when... GOOOOD MORNING!! A deep voice echoed behind me. Startled to my wits...I let out a shriek & turn, sending the eggs flying towards the direction of the voice. Before I realize what I've done, the egg landed solid on a very naked chest of the Pretty boy (Yep! pretty boy was standing right there shirtless in PJs drying his damp hair...#%$&*$#&-&%$&) OMG!! I am so sorry...I gasped in horror. Grabbing a bunch of tissues, I rush to clean the eggs off the pretty boy's chest. Took me couple of secs before I realize what I was doing, pausing midway I looked up to see Pretty Boy grinning like an idiot (Pretty sure I was red to my roots then). I jerked back & threw the tissue at him. Head held high, I calmly walked back to table. (If you must know, I was far from been calm inside. Fcuk calm! I was hyperventilating inside...) 'Clean yourself' I murmured as I hurriedly pick some fresh eggs & pretend to be busy. I could feel those laughing eyes burning a hole on my back. Ignoring it hard, I push myself to concentrate on my omelette mission. Hey! I really don't mind you cleaning it off, Pretty Boy teased. Shut Up! I snapped back. Can you not...aaahhh forget it. Go grab a Tee or something, there should be some clean tees in the closet. I don't want to wear one, Pretty boy pout. WHAT!!! Why not?? I asked confused now It's kinda warm... I'm more comfortable like this pretty boy said giving me a 100 watt smile!!! (ok! he's got the body & he knows it huh!) Whatever...I replied trying not to give him the satisfaction of his taunting. Why do you have to startled me so early in the morning? I grumbled to myself. What? Huh?...Nothing! Truth was, I totally forgot about pretty boy been here in the first place. I hardly have people stay over so it blew me off the edge when I heard Pretty Boy's voice so early in the morning. Damnit! I swore...he's gonna be the dead of me one of this days ~sigh~ BTW why do you have men's tee in your guest room? Pretty boy asked pulling me out of my thoughts Huh! None of your business... You have a boyfriend? Who wants to know? I laugh brushing aside the question. Want coffee?? Yeah... You still haven't answered my question pretty boy insisted. Not that it's any of your business...but No, I don't have a boyfriend I replied as I placed the coffee mug in front of him. Anything else? My Good Morning Kiss...pretty boy grin & pouted Ufff...Seriously! Knock it off will ya? It's not funny!! I replied hotly. ~When did kids get so bold?? I wonder. And this kid right here plans on ruining my life I swear and technically it's not even a day since his arrival. I cringed at the thought of 2 weeks with him. I was so damn sure, my life's gonna to be topsy-turvy when all this ends. I mentally bang my head on the wall~ I passed the omlete to him as he sat on the other side of the tiny dinning table thorougly at ease like he freaking owns the place...ahhh this kid I grunt. So...what do you want to do today? I asked sipping my coffee. Hmmm..I really don't have much in mind. Suprise me!! I eyed him suspiciously...I'm never good with suprises so let's cross that out I added. about we drive around the city. We might just find something interesting to do, pretty boy suggested. Sounds good to that's settle then? Yep! ...and you have me all for yourself...pretty boy said cheekily Huh! Oh pleaseeee...Don't flatter yourself kid...I laughed. Pretty boy chuckled, winked & digged into his omlete. As I watched him gobble down the eggs happily, a sense of warm familiarity came over & I found myself smiling.... Wow wow wooooo...what the Fcuk was that! I swore & stood up so fast nearly knocking my cup over. Pretty boy looked up... Something wrong??? Nope..nooooo..Nope I stammered. Grabbing my mug & dropping it off the sink, without so much of a glance at pretty boy's direction I told him I was going ahead to get ready & asked him to do the same once he's done with his breakfast then rushed to my room. I slammed down on the've got to be shitting me!!! I swore & slap myself on the cheeks. Nat Nat Nat...get a grip I repeatedly murmured it like a mantra. I calm down telling was just hormones acting up. PMS...its PMS... Nevertheless, the boy was pure TROUBLE in capitals. It's not even a day & he's already messing my very sensible sense of judgement. I weeped over the thought. Just 2 weeks...2 weeks I shouted & got off the bed to dress. It's gonna be a very very long 2 weeks....~I sigh~ Author note: How are you liking the story so far? Do comment your thoughts... Don't forget to click the LIKE button if you liked the story. Truly appreciate the love and support. P.S. Should I spin in a Love triangle?? Yay or Nay?? Until next chapter...ciao!
I am so glad I found your story. If you'd like, I can help with any proofreading. A little iffy on the love triangle though.
O.o Ohh Nat...was that a little simkung action going on, whenever "pretty boy" gets in close proximity huh, huh??!! hehe! She is so in denial!😉lol
@EmmaJolie hey... No I haven't completed the FF. Kinda caught up with work currently so haven't go around to writing it. Will try to update it soon tho' Thanks for checking in 😍
please tag me in the next one
I don't think I can handle a love triangle but I kind of want to see how it would go but at the same time I'm already crying at the idea of a love trai gle and just 😢
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