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If you missed the first few parts... don't worry I got you.
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Well guys this is my last part in my Introduction to Neoz. This will probably not be my last post about these boys though. I will make sure to keep you all posted as more information becomes available about these little rookies. Without further chitter chatter let us get started with the other uber cutie Da Won!
This little cutie is, in my opinion, the only one that could possibly be more bias material than Ro Woon.
This little cutie played the overly scholarly childhood friend in Click Your Heart. Protective, attentive, smart, and add a little bit a jealousy and you have Da Won's character in the mini drama. Something about him just seems to grab my attention. They called him the happy virus on the first episode of Lessons and through the show you see a little more of his overly positive attitude, but don't let that fool you. The boy likes to pick on the younger ones giving off a playful vibe (When I say pick on I do not mean in a bad way either). If I hadn't already decided that Ro Woon was my favorite member I would probably have gravitated towards this lil cutie here.
Da Won
Height & Weight : 179cm / 65kg
BloodType : A
Specialities : Skillful cuteness
Next is little Jae Yoon, sadly this is another I do not know much about.
This little dimpled cutie is Jae Yoon. He was not a prominent character on Click Your Heart but I might remember having seen him in the background at some point. To be completely honest with you I do not remember much of him from Lessons either so he is another person I feel the need to look up more. Next time I post about Neoz I will try to make sure I have a lot more information about these boys... especially ones like little Jae Yoon here who I don't seem to know much about.
Jae Yoon
Height & Weight : 182cm / 66kg
BloodType : O
Specialities : Mellow Voice
Last but totally not least we have this adorable soul InSeong. (Can I just say I love this boys eyes.. so cute!)
Eyes here is another contender for the Maknae title (or maybe he just looks young but is older?? He is rather tall....grr)..... This not knowing ages is rather frustrating for me... I will find out darn it! This boy is unbelievably adorable in my eyes. He kind of reminds me of Jeon Jungkook and BamBam... well before they hit puberty and decided to grow up lol. In other words I think he will be a little noona killer by the time he grows up. Something about his eyes is just so adorable to me. Sadly there isn't much I know about eyes here. I remember seeing him on Lessons and in a scene or two in Click Your Heart but he was not a main character and nothing much besides his lessons in Chinese on the show (him talking about being the tallest member in the group) really stuck out to me. Again, I will do another post about Neoz when more information is available.
Height & Weight : 184cm / 70kg
BloodType : A
Specialities : Playing the omok and chess, Drawing
Well the individual introductions are over! It is sad and yet fun because now all of you can continue your curiosity with me. To end this loverly segment I have decided to post a couple dance things they have on youtube. Hope you enjoy!
Did I forget to mention that they were girl group dances?? lol
Well thank you to all of you who have read, liked, or followed my first attempt at reporting kpop. I hope you will all continue to support me. If you have any ideas on who I should write about next, be it someone you personally want to know more about or someone you would like me to help others learn about... let me know!
*Bows* Thank you all.
Until Next Time KpopBeat OUT!
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