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There is no endgame in site for our lovely show Supernatural. The boys that we have been rocking with since 2005, Jared and Jenson was interviewed by Entertainment Weekly and they did share some details on how they would want Sam and Dean to end their journey.
Both the guys want the ending to be good for the fans. Jared is talking about more of a artistry ending, when the viewer can come up with there own conclusions. You don't know if they stopped hunting or walking down a longer path. Jenson on the other hand sees the guys almost giving that Season on feel and also giving the fans a soild ending with all ends tied. Nobody wants to think of the boys stopping the show but we do know it's no time soon and but it will come one day..

How would you end Supernatural?

Myself, I would actually have one of the boys die and give that unsettling feeling that you don't know if they are going to come back. Also that leaves the show open if they want to bring it back XD Another one, I would like to see the boys turn into Bobby types and lead a new set of hunters. Castiel would be by their side because he finally got to see his father and he allow Cas to walk among men as a protector of the innocent because Hell is fully open and running once again with Lucifer and Crowley side by side. Oh and God was always around, he would jump vessel to vessel to help Sam and Dean but he could not reveal himself to anyone. So any type of help the boys got on the road it was actually divine intervention.