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Hey guys! It's time for Fab Five Friday Hair Report! This week I found some interesting trends I apparently missed last month. So, let's get started!

1. Denim Hair

I have an obsession with silver hair and even consider getting the color on my own strands but I found out today denim hair is the latest dye trend. And I absolutely love it. The color is sophisticated and I can see why everyone is raving about it. The versatile color is making its way on my top pastel hair list.

2. Enchanting Braided Updo

Does this remind anyone of Ella Enchanted? I want that dress and I need an excuse to get this hair done. This is the prettiest hairdo I have ever since. The MVP is probably the crystal headwear. I'm totally envious of this bride. Who doesn't want to walk down the aisle with a princess-like hair?

3. Clip on Extension Trick

Believe it or not most hairstyle blogger uses extension on their hair. This is why their hair always look thicker, fuller and longer. One of my favorite hair designer Missy Sue showed how to blend a clip on extension to your hair and make it look natural.

4. Cornrow Bun

Say hello to the best overnight hairstyle! Time saving, edgy looking and super hot. Don't hesitate, just try it!

5. Best Hair Hack You'll Ever See

Not really related to hair but it's life-changing. If you love onion and own a hair pick you're in luck!
What's your favorite on this list?
@TurtleyTurtles Fair enough! I also have no use for a hair pick but I am getting one just for the sake of cutting perfectly sliced onions! :)
I love that updo, but my favorite is the pick hack. I saw it on Facebook the other day and now I know that I need to get a pick. I have really fine hair, so I have no need for one, but I love cooking, and it seems to make cutting stuff up really easy!
The denim hair color pulled me in. I love how it's adventurous and subtle at the same exact time.