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Hello everyone! I hope your day is going well! This card is dedicated to the new staff for the Fairy Tail community that will be helping this quarter! If you haven't already... Join the community here!
Staff member number 1: Titania I'm sure you've seen her posts before @AimeBolanos is the current leader in points in the Fairy Tail community and a very active member. Please check out her posts and continue to support her!
Staff member number 2: Salamander And not far behind her is @tylor619cruz who is currently second on the leader board. Tylor has great and funny captions with his posts so be sure to check him out too!
Staff member number 3: The Rookie While she may be new to Fairy Tail she is not new to anime. @hikaymm is a very active member in the Japanese Anime community and has recently started to love Fairy Tail just like the rest of us! Since she's still a bit new to the show don't spoil anything!
And that's the staff as it stands right now if any of you have any questions or concerns please ask me or one of the staff members we're here to help! Have a great everyone! Ja ne
♡♡♡ thank you!!! I just got so happy hahahha feels like I just joined ft too!
The Salamander at your service folks 😭
yay! you guys are awesome keep it up. I'm shooting to make it up there I'm rank 45! I think that's alright I'm still rank 83 in anime :( I'm trying really hard lol!!