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Hello there battle Nakama!

It's time for the semi finals of the Super Easter Sunday Rise From the Dead tournament! Profiles of both competitors are unnecessary as they were done in the quarterfinal rounds. For Piccolo's first fight: click here! For Asura's first fight: click here! So no time wasted let's do it!!

Who will win between the warrior Namakian Piccolo and the Pure evil Asura!

It's up to you! Who will move on to the championship round!? Vote in the comments below! Thanks for reading everyone and have a great day!

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every punch picolo. throws. is a pretty damm. good one. as far as bravery goes he has it. picolo. for sure.
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@deadmen0205 go pickle
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Piccolo wins in a decisive way! Piccolo moves on to the championship round! Thank you all who voted the next card is already up!
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