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Maybe I have forgotten you Maybe you have forgotten me Maybe I have tried to forget about you because I thought that you would forget me Maybe you have forgotten about me because you thought I would forget about you Maybe I am scared of being with you Maybe you are scared of being with me Maybe I am scared that you would leave me Maybe you are scared of losing me too Maybe I am tired of waiting for you Maybe you are tired of being away Maybe I fear that you would get tired Maybe you fear that I have moved on Maybe I feel like you are ignoring me Maybe you feel like I will ignore you Maybe I tend to be oversensitive Maybe you told me to relax Maybe I worry about you constantly Maybe you doubt my sincerity Maybe I miss the thought of you Maybe you miss the reality Maybe I hoped you would reach out to me Maybe you hoped I did not let go of you Maybe I imagined your arms around me Maybe you imagined things differently Maybe I wanted to take things slowly Maybe you thought I meant it's history Maybe I whispered your name at night Maybe you wanted to see me in daylight Maybe I thought we were more intimate Maybe you thought we were missing it Maybe I thought you were perfect Maybe you thought I was in denial Maybe I thought it was already over Maybe you thought it's an illusion Maybe I thought too much dreamed too much hoped too much and you didn't