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So I have the day off and I was curious about that nickelodeon kpop show so I searched "POP" because I forgot the name, its called Make It Pop I googled it lol. Then under that search I saw "Pops in Seoul" and I was like NO F'IN WAY! But it didn't say what number the channel was it just had "ARANG" beside it so I found it close to the last channels on the guide. Channel 2095. So I started going through the guide and saw Simply Kpop and After School Club and thats when I lost it. AFTER SCHOOL CLUB LIKE OH MY GOD!
If only I had the channel for Weekly Idol.
I'm recording the whole series
I wonder if DirectTV has any other Korean channels?
For my Jackson Wang story followers I'm almost down writing the 2nd part I just need to type it out.
I didn't even know I had the channel and I have DirecTV omg!!!! Thank you for sharing this @xsandos17!
wow!! it makes me want to change to directv
I looked through my nothing....miss my Fios....had MNET on there.
Awwwww man..... Have fun for me!!! 😧😧😧😧
I was so excited when I found those channels xD It was completely by accident, too!
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