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Hello my fellow readers! It has been a while hasn't it? I am sorry I have not updated recently as this week has been the death of me with the return to school and all my exams and papers due. GAH! Therefore, this chapter is kind of a short one but I think you guys will enjoy it....;)! (Credit to owners of the pictures!)
Missed the other chapters or need a recap? I got you lovelies~
Chapter 8
D.O’s P.O.V
“Kai, Bai, BO!” Suho shouted. I threw out paper and I looked over to see that Suho had thrown out rock. I-I won? I stood there shocked as usually I am not very good at games, but the one I really wanted to win, I did. So it will just be me and Y/N? I looked over at her and realized that she was looking right at me. Extremely embarrassed, I turned away. I could feel my heart uncontrollably beating. I put my hand on my chest, trying to calm down. W-why do I feel like this? Do I l-like her? I sat there and pondered. I shifted a little to get another quick glance at her and as I saw her, smiling and laughing, my heart started to quicken. I steadily, turned away from her once more and tried to calm down. H-how did it come to this? I-it must have happened early on, considering what had happened at lunch.
Excited and exhausted after the first game, it was now lunch time. Kai, Lay, Xiumin, and I were able to find some empty seats at a nearby producers table. We went and sat down.
“Man, I am tired,” Xiumin stated. All of us started nodding in agreement. We suddenly all heard laughs coming from a nearby table. The four of us turned to see three girls siting by themselves. One of them, I think was Y/N? I did not know who the other two were. I noticed that they were by themselves, but that did not seem to stop them from enjoying their time.
“Wow, look at her,” I heard Kai state. I looked over at him to find out that he was also staring at Y/N. He was giving her this look, one that was not making me comfortable. “Maybe I should break up with my girlfriend, and take a shot at that,” he said, biting his lip. The three of us turned to look at him, shocked. How could he say that? He loves Vinny. I mean I know that they just had a huge fight, but he wouldn’t break up with her, would he?
“Kai,” I said. “Stop.” I could start to feel myself getting frustrated at him.
“Why should I? I mean she probably would enjoy it as much as I would,” He said giving that smirk, the one that confirms he was up to no good. I got up abruptly and grabbed Kai by his collar, causing the other people at our table to look at us and some of our food to fall over.
“Kai, don’t touch her,” I asserted. “You will just be taking out your frustrations on her. Vinny and her do not deserve that,” I said. He pushed me off of him. He gave me this look showing that he was looking to fight. This is not like him. The fight must have been worse than I thought. He walked towards me his face in front of me, only inches from mine.
“Make me,” he said. It took everything I had not to punch him right then and there. Instead of hitting him, I just stood there looking at him, in the eyes, hoping that he would realize what he is doing. Before things got even more heated, Lay and Xiumin jumped into the situation and started to hold us back. I let Lay hold me back to prevent me from doing anything that I would regret and Kai was just itching to break free, wanting this to become a fight. Kai then suddenly broke from Xiumin’s grasp and picked up the soup he had been eating on the table and tried to throw it at me. I dodged it to only see that it was aiming for Y/N as she was in it’s path.
“WATCH OUT!” Chanyeol screamed. I saw him run over and stand in front of her, the soup hitting his back. We all stood there in shock. I looked back over at Kai to see that he immediately regretted what he had just done. I glanced back over to see that Y/N was in Chanyeol’s arms and I felt both pain and happiness in this situation. Happy that she wasn’t hurt and pain because she could have been hurt by Kai. I looked at her and saw that she started to turn red in Chanyeol’s arms. That is when I felt it. This feeling that was taking over. My heart started beating, despite what my mind was telling me. This feeling that would be up to no good.
“Ok you two lovebirds,” Xiumin said, grabbing both Y/N and I by our arms. “It is time for you guys to leave!” He started to drag us towards the door to the hallway. “And if you guys are gone a long time, we won’t go looking for you,” he said, giving us a small wink before closing the door on our faces. W-what do I do? I looked over at her to see that she was in much shock as I was.
“S-so, Y-Y/N,” I stuttered, not meeting her eyes. “What do you want to do?” I asked, rubbing my hands together. I looked down to see that I was sweating. I must be really nervous.
“Y-you know D.O, we don’t have to think of this like a date,” she said. I then looked at her, noticing that she was smiling. My heart skipped a beat. “We can just think of it as two people hanging out together ok? I think it would be nice to talk a walk around the path outside the hotel. I s-saw one on our way in. Would that be ok?” she asked, trying to break the ice.
“Okay,” I said. “Let’s do that instead.” We started to walk to the elevator. I just hope that I don’t do anything that I will regret.
“Y/N,” I said, moving closer to her. Our faces were only inches apart and that is when I couldn’t hold back any longer. I pulled her towards me, my chest against hers. I could feel her stiffen, most likely from shock, at least I hoped so. My heart was racing like crazy. I started to tighten my hold on her, not wanting to let go.
“D-D.O,” she said. I didn’t respond and just continued to hold on to her. What am I doing right now? And that is when I knew. That what I was feeling right now, in this moment, was real. Before, I could stop myself, I just blurted everything out.
“I know we just only just met Y/N,” I started to say, my heart beat increasing. “But I think I like you,” I said. I tightened my grip on her. I refused to let her go or to see her face in this moment. I knew that I was red. I have never liked anyone this way before. Let me spend more time with you and get to know you, the real you. I don’t want anyone else to have you.
Y/N’s P.O.V
I could feel his arms around me, squeezing me in his grasp. I was more shocked than anything else. H-he l-likes me? I could feel the heat rising in my cheeks and my heart starting to flutter. Why does this seem so familiar… That is when it hit me. The dream I had last night.
“Y/N, I know that we only just met…"
“I know we only just met Y/N,” D.O had said.
“But I just wanted to let you know that I-”
“I think I like you,” confessed D.O.
My heart started to beat even faster. My dream was becoming reality. Even though he isn’t my bias, he said the exact words from my dream. I shuddered at the thought. It was then I realized that he was still holding on to me, not wanting to let go, to the point where I couldn’t breathe.
“D-D.O” I said, trying once again. “Y-you’re hurting me,” I said. With that, he quickly released me from his grasp.
“S-sorry,” He said, starting to rub his hands together again. He was not looking me in the eye. He must be as embarrassed as I am. Before I realized it, I was just staring at him. He turned to look at me and I could tell that I was as red as a tomato.
“U-um, a-about wha-” I started.
“Y-you d-don’t have to answer m-me” He interrupted, clearly still nervous. “I just w-wanted to t-tell you. Don’t feel b-burdened o-okay?” He whispered, probably too embarrased to hear my response to what he said, “I-I want to g-give you something, c-can I s-see your phone?” He asked. Not knowing why, I pulled out my phone and gave it to him. After a minute he returned it to me. I looked down and saw that he added his phone number to my phone. Shocked, I looked back up to see him staring at me. “F-feel f-free to text me whenever,” He said. “I already texted myself s-so I have y-your number too. I w-would l-like to talk to y-you more i-if that’s okay,” he stuttered, smiling at me. I could feel my heart skip a beat. What…just…happened…
“O-okay,” I said. With that response, I saw that his face lit up. Embarrassed as always, I started to rub my arm.
“Are you cold?” He asked. Before I could say no, he was already taking off his jacket and draped it over my shoulders. I looked over to see that he only had a short sleeve shirt on.
“A-are you s-sure?” I asked. He looked back at me and smiled once more.
“I am good,” he answered. “I d-don’t want you to get sick,” he said embarrassed. I could see that his face was starting to get red again, and my heart was responding. Calm down, you stupid thing.
“Well, maybe we should head back, and g-go to bed?” I asked. “It is getting pretty late,” I stated, wanting things to not get any more awkward.
“S-sure, l-let’s head back,” he said. We started walking back to the hotel our shoulders occasionally rubbing together again. We were quiet for a little bit and that is when he did something that caused my heart to almost faint. He grabbed my hand while we were walking. I didn’t dare to look him in the eyes. I could feel the warmth of his hand was absorbing the coldness of mine. Wow my hand is tiny compared to his, I thought. We then stayed like this, walking hand in hand, staying silent, until we reached the hotel. We both turned to look at each other at the front of the entrance. He immediately let go of my hand, probably embarrassed.
“G-good night, Y/N,” he said, bowing.
“G-good night. See you tomorrow,” I responded bowing back. We both went inside and headed to our separate rooms. I got into the elevator and it took everything I had not to fall over. The realization had just hit me once again. D.O likes me. Likes. Me. How the freak did that happen? The elevator reached my floor. Mentally and physically burnt from this day I went over to the door of my hotel room and started to grab my key. I found it and opened the door to find that Jess and Choon-Hee were already back in the room, both of them asleep. They must be as burnt out as I am. They had shared one of the beds and I went, quietly, and plopped down on the other one. I just laid there, looking up at the ceiling, in the darkness, processing everything that had happened today. Meeting the members, putting ointment on Chanyeol, kissing Baekhyun (accidently), Lay puliing me into the episode, Sehun almost kissing me, Suho on the ferris wheel with me, falling on naked Sehun, playing games with the members, the members singing live in front of me, D.O confessing to me and holding my hand, and my first day of being an official member of the PD team. Thinking about all the crazy things that had happened in one day, I looked down to see that the time was 6:00 am in the morning. And that is my cue to pass out. I turned over onto my side and slid the covers over my clothes, falling into the warmth of the bed. I slowly drifted into the darkness, letting all the worries, excitement, and craziness of the day fly away, knowing that this would be a day that I would never forget.
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