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Ok so the news of the Kaistal couple couldn't have come at a worst time (it's April fools you can't trust your own blood) I think Dispatch are just a bunch of trolls although they knew about the couple awhile ago they waited to torture us... Anyway I'm REALLLLLY happy for them they'd make such a cute couple....but there's this part of me that wanted him to be with Kyungsoo *sigh* I knew that was impossible, but a girl can dream....
Anyway there's some serious stuff happening...people are more upset about Kaistal not because their jealous but because they ship Kaisoo...I'm serious guys so many are in denial and are bashing Kai because he LEFT Kyungsoo....there is a line between imagination and reality WE know they are straight and they are really close FRIENDS. Yes I ship Kaisoo and I WILL forever ship Kaisoo , but that doesn't change the fact that Kaisoo are friends and Kaistal are a couple
Onto lighter topics...LMAO look at this....it looks legit though Anyway I'm not trying to start a fight here...but just think about them for a second, their human beings just like us and has anyone thought about how Kyungsoo feels??? He isn't even a part of this drama. P.S. Sorry if I started rambling XD
R.I.P to all Kaisoo shippers xD But in all seriousness we should accept this and be happy because Kai has his own tastes. We can ship to our hearts content but we can't force anybody to do anything.
@andreaimnida @PrincessUnicorn @luna1171 @EmilyPeacock @BlackFawn Guys as a fellow Kaisoo shipper said and I quote "We SHIP Kaisoo, but Kaistal are in a RELATIONSHIP" Kaisoo is not dead hell I saw their Lotte Secret Night that happened yesterday and I was fangirling over them XD
There will forever be Kaisoo, there's just going to be Kaistal for the time being 😂😂
I think Kaistal is really cute tbh....
I ship 'em both, Kaisoo is my otp.... but Kaistal is up there, close to like Xiuchen Baekyeol and Hunhan
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