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So Everyone's go to food for a theatre is Nachos right?! WRONG. Move over Nachos cause this is nacho card. Everyone loves popcorn right?! Possibly. No? Oh well then this card isn't for you.
I'm making a song as we speak. It's called

《Talk corny to me》 So Whatchu gonna do with that big fat husk??

Teddy Bear here, Likes corn. I mean really likes corn. Word on the cob, is that he doesn't share.
Bruce Willis loves corn too, see. Hello there sir, can I have a bite of your corn?

*Wink Wonk*

Well, I stand corrected. Apparently Jack Black isn't a fan of the corn.


Everything we ever knew was a lie. This is how you make Popcorn.

Who Else loves corn? Amirite?

LMAO THIS ONE KILLED ME. Especially the big fat husk. Ooo baby.
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@danidee Yeasssss!! XD I was like yup I'm so going there!!
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Such corn scandal.
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@danidee so much!
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