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Hello Kpop and Kdrama lovers!! I have decided to do a little review... get to know... and try to get you to watch, about my favorite drama, Skip Beat. We have a mix between both Kdramas and Kpop with this idol staring cast featuring both Super Junior's Siwon and Donghae.
******** This is an already completed Taiwanese Drama! You can watch all episodes online. There is talk of making another one but not until the Manga has some kind of ending that would be suitable for a drama.**********
Side note.... This is actually the drama that introduced me to Kpop all those years ago. If I never found Siwon and Donghae in this lovable drama I would have never been sucked into the world of Kpop.
SUMMARY: Desperate to capture the heart of her friend, Gong Xi (Ivy Chen) gives up on college to support Bu Puo Shang's (Lee Dong Hae) dream of stardom. Through odd jobs, Gong Xi launches Shang into fame, only to be betrayed. Vowing vengeance, Gong Xi auditions for the biggest talent agency, determined to out-shine her backstabbing friend. Meanwhile, fellow talent Dun He Lian (Choi Si Won) disapproves of Gong Xi's motives, but can't help but fall for her. Revenge never tasted so sweet! (Credit of written summary goes to Dramafever)
Before we get on to talk about the cast and their careers... lets just go over the beauty of the show itself. This show was broadcast back in 2011 and is in fact a Taiwanese Drama. I must warn you though... both of our Korean Idol Hotties move their mouths for Korean but some guys voice comes out in Mandarin. At first that bothered me but I was quickly able to get over it.
You will go on an emotional roller coaster with our lovely main character as she experiences things she has never done before, new feels she wishes to never feel again, and meets new people that help straighten her life back up. Her newest friend that reluctantly got the roll of best friend, her co-worker Lian who she seems to always make mad, Lian's crazy yet completely lovable manager, the crazy over dramatic and complete drama queen of a company president, the president's granddaughter who is an unlikely ally, and a complete array of other colorful characters. You will laugh at our main girl's crazy antics; the chicken Bo, her crazy spirits, and her overwhelming evil energy. I find myself laughing over and over again no matter how many times I rewatch this drama.
If you are looking for something that has a story line that leans to the more dramatic side but never once makes you think drama, and something that will have you laughing and wondering what the hay monkeys when it is over.... then please join me in the world of Skip Beat.
This drama has a few other ways of enjoying it though.....
The manga was started in 2002 and still continues to go on to this day. The manga was created by Yoshiki Nakamura, and since the manga is still on going both the anime and the drama have short endings that leave you with a lot of questions. I like reading the manga but personally I keep rewatching the drama hoping one day they will finish the manga and someone will make a drama about the whole show.... or you know they can always get the original cast together again and just continue it........
The anime follows the same crazy antics but it has an even worse ending.... It literally just ends randomly... I talked a friend into watching it but they said they wanted to watch the anime version first........ always watch the drama first so you dont curse out your own tv for the horrible anime ending. Over all this was a good anime and besides a few minor changes from the drama it follows the story perfectly.
Now that you know what the story is about... lets talk about the actors!
Stage Name: Ivy Chen
Given Name: Chen Yi Han
Nationality: Taiwanese
Born: November 12, 1982
Ivy Chen has been a lot of shows and movies and is a rather well known Taiwanese commercial model. At only 33 she has been in over 11 dramas and 13 movies. I found her acting very beautiful and I was plesantly surprised by how well she was able to play the leading female character. I do not watch many Taiwanese dramas so personally I have not seen many of the shows and movies she has been in.
Stage Name: Siwon
Name: Choi Si Won
Also known by american name: Andrew Choi
Nationality: South Korean
Born: April 7, 1986
Siwon is a member of the SM group Super Junior. Besides his very large music career with his fellow band mates he has also made a name for himself in the drama world. Most recently he was in the popular drama She Was Pretty. Personally there are many idols turned actor that I really wonder why they get large roles when they need to work on their acting more, but Siwon here is pretty good in my opinion. I really enjoyed his part in Skip Beat. He was able to fit his character very well. Having read the manga and watched the anime before I even decided to watch the drama I had a lot of expectations for what his character would be like, and Siwon was able to leave me happy and content with his performance. I look forward to seeing more of his work when he gets out of his mandatory military service in two years.
Stage Name: Donghae
Given Name: Lee Dong Hae
Nationality: South Korean
Born: October 15, 1986
This man is Donghae.... my own personal Super Junior bias. He has done some acting though he is not nearly as experienced as Siwon in the acting scene. With that said... he still does a great job at the egotistical role of Shang in Skip Beat. Even with that attitude of Shang's I couldn't help but still love the ebil man. I do hope to see more acting out of him in the future and with how well he played the character I had grown to know in the manga and anime, I would be very pleased if they brought him back to play Shang again if they redid the drama.
Well that is all for my introduction on Skip Beat. I would say it is well worth the watch. I do not tend to rewatch dramas over and over because once always seems to be enough, but with this one I have watched it dozens of times and still fall in love with the characters all over again. The story line is written perfectly and the acting is done very well.
What is your favorite drama? Is there one that you can watch over and over and never get tired of? What is your favorite drama staring an idol? Tell me tell me! You all seem to ignore my questions most of the time and I am willing to start poking you all with sticks to get some responses here people! Is my writing boring enough to where you don't even make it to the questions? Do I talk to much? How can I do more stuff you all like if you wont respond!! lol no but seriously thank you for taking the time to read my report. They don't write themselves you know.
Until Next Time KPopBeat OUT!
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I loved this one so much. 😂 But the ending was ehhhh. Although the manga is going but the anime just stopped after season 1....😭
One of my favorites, I loved Siwon's character. I just wished the ending was better
I loved it! I've watched it over and over many times. Siwon is such a great actor. 👏
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