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Rouba.G 2016 Wedding Dresses
Rouba.G 2016 Bridal Collection possesses remnants of underwater treasures that tell tales of olden seas and ocean life through the ghost-like method of natural structures and embroidery. Each and every piece portrays woman’s independence and grace, expressing her individuality, celebrating her inner Goddess and thus signifying the brand’s unique style.
OOMG so pretty. I need recommendations for bridesmaids dresses! I'm not very traditional, but my friend is getting married and she wants us in floor length, chiffon in a pastel blue or purple. Everything else is up to us! Would love to hear you or @marshalledgar's recommendations!
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Wow awesome and thanks for asking me @TessStevens. let me think for a sec.
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This is a gorgeous find @worldofbridal!
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