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So, I don't really eat meat as it is and was thinking about transitioning my lifestyle to be completely meat free. I hear it's good for overall health and also women who are trying to get and who are pregnant, and my husband and I are trying to have kids as well, so my mind is just there lol. So I my question is, any suggestions for one who wants to try to transition to a vegan life style?
@Animaniafreak Haha thanks for the tag! I am not vegan, but I am vegetarian. I would say to take it slow if you know the diet transition will be hard. I went from eating meat every day, to eating it once a week, to not eating it at all. When I went completely vegetarian, it was a bit easy because I had already reduced my meat intake. It's still hard...I am not going to lie. But the other day I told myself, "am I going to kill an animal to satisfy a craving?" ........As far as pregnancy/having kids is concerned, I don't know much about that. That's something you'd have to talk to your doctor about.
let me call in the expert @alywoah