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This is an old fanfic I wrote for a friend. The story is based on Exo Kris days. So yeah...☺ Hope you guys will like it. Don't forget to like and comment your thoughts. Thanks!!! ❤ *Note - Excuse the Typos and autocorrect yourself as you read through...* Disclaimer: All stories published here are works of imagination & daydreaming unless stated otherwise. Names, characters, businesses, places, events & incidents are either the products of the author's imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental. All stories published are ©StarrySurprise
Woohoooo.....Finally I made it!!! I squealed as I stood breathing in the fresh air. I look around for K as she told me she'd be there to pick me up. As I scanned the crowd for a familiar face, I heard someone call my name. I turn and saw K rushing towards me smiling like a goofball. OMGggggg! Lia you made it...I cannot believe you're really here! K screamed. "I know right, pinch me, pinch me" I laughed as I gave her a hug. Now lets get going m'lady. I just have 3 days to explore the city. Got to make the most of it right!? I winked as I pulled my luggage towards the exit. Seriously! I laughed as the familiar voices came on the stereo.... ♪365 nan maeil achim, humdeun nolgeumyeon haru shijakhae! 365 ilbuneul junge, dundeo eobseul mankkeum hamkke halgeoya! Woohooo.......♪ Duh! don't tell me you're over them, K laughed. Oh c'mon you know I like them but yeah, I don't day-dream about them any more if you know what I mean. Guess, I grew up I shrugged. Wow, I cannot believe you just said that. We'll see about that! K brushed off not buying my word giving me that side look. Ok I know that look...what is it? I asked. Nothing! Seeing how I was not convinced...What! I'm just saying will see..K replied immediately. Uff! whatever but just so you know I don't trust that smile I told her. Anyways, what's the plan tonight? I asked changing the topic. Well, nothing much...just thought we'll go out somewhere nice and hang out. You just got here, I'm pretty sure you're jet-legged, K replied sounding concerned. Nah...I'm game for anything. Like I said, I plan to make the most of my 3 days which means I'm not gonna sit home and rest. I've enough time to do that when I get back home. So missy buckle up, we are going to paint the town red starting tonight, I chuckled mischievously. We're here... WAKE UP Lia, WAKE UPpppp K said as tapping my shoulder. Sorry, don't know how I doze off there, I told her apologetically as I gave a good stretch and looked out. Nice have here, I commented as I got off the car. Thanks babe, K replied happily. Welcome to my humble abode. K chuckled as she dragged my luggage towards the house while I tail behind. Well, this the guest room. It's not great but I hope you'll find it comfortable K said as she took me to the guest room Are you kidding me!? I love it. Thanks babe. You're the best host ever, I assured her with a hug. Ok, wash up and get some rest. We'll be heading out by 8 which gives you 3 hours to rest. If you need anything, just give a shout. I'll be in the other room. I need to finish up some few project as I'll be on leave for next few days, K said as she walks the door. Great, you go ahead. Will let you know if I need anything I waved her off. I unpacked, called my folks, showered and lay down for a quick nap. I woke up by the sound of someone knocking on my door. For awhile I had no clue where I was. Lia, Lia are you awake? Can I come in? Only then, it strike me. I got up and sat on the bed. Yep! Come in. What time is it? I asked as K walked in. Its quarter pass 7. Why don't you freshen up and get ready? We'll head out in awhile, K said. Cool, will do. Any dress code? I asked. Just get on your sexy self and all's good. We are going to hunt down some hot guys tonight, K winked. Yeah right! me & sexy. Nah know me, I laughed. Well, you go and get your sexy self ready. I'll be out once I'm done. I quickly freshen up & pull on my favourite pair of jeans. A funky colored top & my el capitan converse. Grab my slinger & head out. Oooh looking great gal. Sassy, cheeky and cool, perfect! K said as she assessed me head to toe. Not bad yourself m'lady. Standing there looking all hwattt, I tease smacking my lips and holding my heart dramatically. Oh shut up will ya, K laughed as she dragged me off towards the door. You look hot for reals. Gonna have all the boys attention for sure I told her. Remember! use the 'lesbo code' if you get unwanted attention, I winked. Of course that's given, "Girls before dicks" we said together before we burst out laughing. OK! lets goooo and have fun, I pump my fist in air and got in the car. As we drove pass through the busy street, I notice the night life here was quite happening. Young colorful crowd, beautiful couples, all out to have a good time. 'We're here' K announced after sometime. I peeked out from the car and saw the club. It looked pretty cool. We parked the car and started walking towards the entrance. As we got inside, we were welcomed with a vibrant crowd and some good music. YAZZZZZ....It's gonna be a good night I mused. As we reached the bar area, I turned and asked K what she wanted. Shoot! you don't drink, do you? I smiled at her weakly. Chill love, I can have the mocktails and you can drink to your hearts contain. You won't be driving anyways, k replied laughing. I'm the designated drive after all. See this is why I love you, I squealed and order our drinks. We pulled out the chairs facing the dance floor. We pretty much had a good view of the whole room. You could say the vintage point. OK take your pick. Lets see if we get lucky tonight, I elbowed K about that cute guy over there? He's been giving that smile since we walked in. Nah...too easy. Pick another more challenging, else it won't be fun. about ~buzzzzzzzz~ Damnit!! I have to take this call. It's my colleague. Be back in sec, we are not done yet, K called out as she head towards the exit. K came back after some few minutes with a pinched expression. I'm so sorry babe but I got to go and drop off the project presentation to my colleague. I completely forgot about it before. I don't want to spoil your night but I have to step out for a bit. Can you hangout by yourself in the meanwhile? I'll be back in an hour or so max? K asked looking all sorry Oh c'mon...go ahead, don't worry about me dear. This pretty thing knows how to have fun herself, I winked. The Bar is right here, the dance floor and cute guys right over there. Helloooo...I'm all set I assure you. Now gooooo...I shoo her. Apologetically, K left after saying "I'm sorry" a hundred time over. After my drinks were served I scanned the room sipping on my drink when I noticed a tall figure enter. No bad...nice height, super dressing, niceee.....What The! My 'Oooooh...Aaahh' took a FULL STOP when I notice he was wearing a full on dark glasses. DAFUG! shades at this hour. What does he think of himself..."Prick" I murmured. Well, here's the thing. I can't trust guys who wears shades at night, sue me. I mean seriously, what are you trying to prove? COOL...nah its just screams 'Prick' maybe its just me. With that I turn and continued scanning the crowd. Is the seat taken? Someone asked beside me. I turn to see who it was and Behold! the prick himself was standing just next to me. OK! for some unholy reason I was speechless for good few seconds. Maybe it got to do with that oh-that-deep-voice or maybe his commanding figure. Uh! nope...all yours I murmured & turn back to the dance floor. I must be smiling because the next thing I heard was, Something amusing?? Ah! so the prick wants to chat...oh well. Hmmn well kinda of, I shrugged. Look at that guy over there. He's been making a fool of himself trying to get the girls attention but failing miserably. I meant seriously, I pity the poor chap, I laughed looking the the guy in question. Well, a guy tries, the prick replied. BTW I'm Kris, nice to meet you and puts out his hands. Lia here, nice to meet you too, I replied shaking his hands (oooh nice firm hands my inner goddess cooed) New in town? I asked "Yep, how about you?" "Same...Business or pleasure?" " could say both. You?" "Me...all pleasure" I winked (OK did I just winked at the prick) "Ha ha ha I see. So what do you plan to do Ms.Lia??" Well, Mr.Kris not that its any of you business but since you asked. Let see...explore the city, paint the town red, make babies and stuffs you know, I said with a straight face. WHAT!! Kris burst out laughing Make babies??? Ok, maybe not the making babies part but yeah definitely the others, I laughed. Sounds quite a plan there, Kris said amused Yep!...ahmmn...can I ask something? "Sure...go ahead" What's with the shades? I blurt out. Take it off for Godsake! What! why you, Kris asked laughing C'mon seriously, why in the world do you need shades now. I don't see sun blazing anywhere here. Only Pricks were them at night! 'What! you didn't just say Prick!' Yep, I will you please take it off, I'm serious. Its awkward talking to you with that thing on, I taunted. Do you always say this stuff to people just like that? Depends...I shrugged Ok Ok...there you go, happy?? Yay! very much. Now I can read what lies behind those eyes, I tease. Nice eyes you have there, I said peering into his eyes. I know, Kris replied smirking Wah! you do know how to take a compliment, don't you? I said with a tint of sarcasm Kris looked at me as if he was expecting some other reaction from me. "WHAT?" I asked raising my eyebrows. Ah! nothing, he grinned and sipped on his drink Ok... so what are you doing here? Coming to unwind or looking to get lucky? I asked. You really just speak whatever comes to mind, do you he asked amused. Well yeah...mostly, I shrugged. 'So, tell me, tell me' I wiggled my eyebrows. You are funny...Ms.Lia. I just came here to unwind since I had a hectic day and now I'm enjoying your lovely company. How about you? Kris asked giving me a killer smile. My! You are smooth, Mr.Kris I admitted., well I came here to have a good time. Warm my eyes, see if I get lucky tonight, I winked What! Kris blurt out nearly chocking on his drink in the process. 'Get lucky'...really! he throw his head back and laughed. What! don't you guys say that all the time? I said accusingly. But you're not a guy, Kris replied still laughing. SO..? You mean gals can't say that? I challenged. Well, never mind. OK so anyone warming up your eye yet? Kris asked thoroughly amused now. I ignored the laughter in the tone and pointed to a guy who was easily chatting up with his buddies. (He was looker, not as good as the one sitting besides me but he doesn't have to know that, does he?) 'See that guy over there, he on the list' I smirk That...really!! C'mon Ms.Lia, you can do better then that. He's not your type. WHAT! Woohoow! Mr.Kris, you not only insulted my choice but you claim as if you know my type! Geezzzzz Do tell! I challenged Well for starters, he's too neat for your taste. About your type, I can bet you like the bad boy type. Not bad in literal sense but you know what I mean, he winked. Oh pleauuusee...I don't really have a type if you must know, I replied hotly as he was actually right on the money. I turn back to the crowd and notice a bunch of girls looking at our direction intensely. OK is it just me or those girls have been checking you out since you walk in? Ahmmn....looks like someone is going to get lucky tonight instead of me I tease. Well, unfortunate for them, I'm already with you. Plus, 'They are not my style' Kris replied. My! Are you saying I should be honoured to have your company? throwing him that u've-got-to-be-kidding-look. Exactly! Kris Smirked Oh dear lord! you're one of those narcissist bastard, aren't you! I burst out laughing Hey! can't help when one is good looking like myself, Kris shrugged REALLY! hahaha Mr.Kris, I like are interesting, Cheers!! I raise my glass as a salute. Well, I like you too, Ms.Lia. You're are one interesting character yourself, Cheers! He smiled. (Quick mental note: Yep he has a killer smile) "Awwwh...thank you, thank you" I said doing a dramatic bow. OK so still planning on that dude over there? Kris asked. Why? Jealous are you now? I laughed "I could be" Yeah're not the jealous kind. You're too self satisfied to be jealous Oh C'mon what do you think of me? Am I that bad? You just know me like what, an hour or so! Well, you see Mr.Kris, I can read people pretty fast. I can summed you up in 2 words - Narcissist & Cocky. Well, if it makes you feel better. A very good looking one. Now how is that? I laughed and looked at him. The last part did make me feel better but looks like I didn't impressed you at all *pouts* Mr.Kris, did you just pout? I burst out laughing. I did not see that coming, I said between giggles So,you do know how to act cute eh!!? A guy can try, Kris said acting cute again. OK, I give up...will you stop that! Why, are you impressed now? Not by long shot mister We'll see, you can't resist my charm for that long Miss Lia. You owe me a dance when I'm done, he winked. By all means Mr.Kris, by all means if you succeed, I smirked. 'Remember I'm KRIS!!' So...??? Why do you keep saying your name like its supposed to mean something. You know like KRISsssss!! Before I could complete my sentence, my phone Buzz. Excuse me... Heeey...yep, still alive. Nope its cool, found a young man who is keeping me company, I winked at Kris (Gosh! I need to stop winking at this man I mentally made a noted) Oh shut it, nothing like that. Yep, see you in a bit...byeee! 'Who was that?' Kris asked. My partner in crime, I laughed. She had to rush off for some urgent work earlier. Anyways, she's back & she'll be in any minute now. "Ahh! where was I...?" "You were asking something about my name" Right! yes, I was asking why you keep saying your name like its supposed to mean something. You know like KRISsssss...and again before I could finish the sentence OMG!!! I heard K screaming. ...and there she is I laughed as I turn to see K gaping looking at Kris. You know each other? I asked confused at her reaction. Kris shook his head while my dear K continue gaping at him. Seriously! K will you stop that, its embarrassing I begged. 'Meet my bestie K' Excused her, I assure you, she doesn't normally act like this. She's is pretty sane most days I said turning to Kris. Turning back to K, I elbowed her. 'Back to earth babe'. This the Young man I was talking about. 'K, meet Kris' Apparently, K got back her senses Really! Lia really!? K asked hands on hips. What? what's the matter with you? What's with the look? I asked all confused now You've got to be kidding me, K rolled her eyes Hey! I didn't do anything to him. I raised my hands. His sanity is still intact. In fact, he's the one trying to impress me so he can get me to the dance floor with him, I smirked at K What! Really! did he now? K asked raising eyebrows at Kris. Kris sat there saying nothing, watching us with amusement. Just sitting there lazily leaning on the bar table sipping on his drink. Oh that smart arse I thought! Well, very nice to meet you Kris. Can you please lead this lady to the dance floor before she regrets it? K said pushing me off the chair. Wait...What! C'mon don't feed his ego, its already inflated, I hissed back. Kris laughed and pull me towards the dance floor. I looked back at K with that C'mon-really-look. Just'll thank me later, K mouthed. Like hell I am, I mouthed back. K took her drink and sat on the chair watching us as if she was all set to watch her favorite Kdrama. Huh! look Mr.Kris, just so you know, you DID NOT win, I pointed. I'm just up here because of that gone-mental-lady over there. So you can wipe that smirk off your face. He leaned down and whispered...I know but would it be so bad to have a dance with me? I frozed for some ungodly reason, it was like electricity wooosh passed through my veins from head to toe. Startled I pulled back and looked at him. I didn't know what to say so I just murmured, Well I guess it won't be so bad. I might as well enjoy it "That's more like it Ms. Lia" he whispered above my head. All I could think was, Boy! you got to stop doing that. As we dance, I could feel so many eyes on me. Most of them giving me that dirty look while throwing looks of adoration at Kris. Then there was another bunch who were whispering excitingly looking at us. It sure feels good and definitely very flattering to have the hottest guy in the club dancing with you. I certainly was having "In your face, bitches!!" moment ha! I smiled at the thought Something amusing you, Ms.Lia? Kris asked smiling down at me. Nah...not really besides ninja blocking the ladies around us who are mostly trying to kill me with their looks. You know, piece of cake, I smirked. Had I known, I would have showed you off way earlier, I winked. Did you just compare me to some commodity to be showed off, Ms.lia? Are you complaining, Mr.Kris? Not really...I don't really mind been showed off, he chuckled above my head. "Bastard" I murmured into his chest As the song ended, we pull apart. No sooner I moved out of his arms, a bunch of girls came rushing in. They literally pushed me aside. I heard the girls talking to him excitingly OPPA! click pictures with us...OPPA can we have your autograph' blah blah blah.My mouth went 'O' The fcuk! I swore. Who the hell is he? My mind was reeling with all kinds of question. I looked for Kris amidst the chaos and blood thirsty so called fans. Our eyes met, he mouthed "I'm sorry" I rolled my eyes and walked off the dance floor. Fuming and confused, I reached the bar to a very calm K sipping on her drink and watching the whole show go down on the dance floor. Enjoying the view huh! I said sarcastically Oh very much, you were quite spectacular K mouthed back Ok, bitch spilled it. Who the fcuk is he? Seriously, I'm losing my mind right now I said looking at K desperately You dumbass! K replied smacking my head. I CANNOT believe you didn't recognized him all this time. Seriously, girl! you are too much. Huh!...Oh C'mon give me a break. It's not like I committed a crime for not recognizing him, whoever he is duh! I snap back. Double Duh! you are. Like first degree crime in the world of fandom duh! K giving me her best bitch attitude (This girl is not less when it comes to been dramatic, I swore) Remember E-X-O!!!!? WHATtttt!!!!!!! I screamed choking on my drink in the process. WHAT..what? Kris echoed beside me. I didn't see him come as I was too engrossed in my embarrassment. Nothing much, just telling Lia here that you are KRIS from E-X-O-M...(the bitch had to stretched the words) K replied sweetly. Meanwhile, I choked on my drink again nearly spilling on Kris this time. I knew it, this bitch was having a kick out of the situation. I swore to kill her later. Right now, I need to focus on how to get out of this situation. Yep, Lia focus on that...focusssss I told myself. Are you OK... Kris asked concerned. Oh great! Hello Mr.Sensitive! I gave a thumbs-up. I could really do with Mr.cocky instead of Mr.Sensitive right now coz the later one is making me really awkward, I thought. "Ok, you two...enough!" I said as I looked up. I know you both are having a ball over my...whatever *I rolled my eyes* "I'm not, are you Kris?" K asked innocently Really! ganging up on me? I gave K 'bitch-you-gonna-pay' look. Not we're not! Kris smirked while K sniffled a giggle. I gave her a dead stare. Ok, I'm done. I'm going home. K are you coming? I asked getting up and walking off. Seriously! Ms.Lia you just gonna leave me like that? Kris asked amused Well...yeah. Last time I checked, I'm not your chaperon. And just so you know, you were never on my list, Mr.Kris! (I swear, my inner goddess flipped hair and snapped her fingers) With that, I held my head high and walked out. I saw Kris gap from the corner of my eye. Take that bastard, I smirked and continue walking with all the sass I could muster. K came running out after some few minutes. Seriously, Lia you're such a bitch. I can't believe you just snub the almighty Kris, she shouted. I love found respect gal. I know, I know...I smirk. I'm that awesome and flipped my hair. We burst out into laughter as we got in the car. The whole ride ended with...'You DID NOT' 'YES I DID'. You DIDddd NOTttttt, I DIDdd...omg omg so on and so forth. Took us an hour to back home. We hugged goodnight and went to respective rooms. 'Love you bitch' K yell from her room. 'Love you more slut' I yelled back. I heard her giggled. I laughed and got inside the blanket. Thoughts of tonight's event brought a smile on my face. I swore to myself, how the hell did I missed out on recognizing Kris. For god sake he is EXO member. I cringed at the thought. Maybe it had to do with been more familiar with EXO-K. To top it, I stop the whole fangirling bit for quite sometime now. Boy! I'm I getting old, I told myself. As I ponder on the thought, the only thing that came to mind was...fcuk! he is one good looking species. Gotta be illegal to be that good looking, I swore My phone buzzed with 'Kakaotalk' notification bringing me back to reality. I checked & saw a notification--'Wuyifan wants to add you' Who the hell is Wuyifan? I thought. I tried looking at the profile pic but it wasn't of much help. It just had a tiny alpaca on it. Huh! well...that little fella sure can't hurt me, can it. I clicked the add button. Few seconds and I get a msg Wuyifan: Hi ME: Hi?? Wuyifan: Are you confused with your hi? ME: What!! Never mind. You are?? Wuyifan: Are you been coy or you really don't know? ME: Would I be asking, had I known duh! Wuyifan: You sure know how to burst my ego, don't you? ME: Don't know about that but if you say so...with pleasure! :p Wuyifan: Ms.Liaaaaaaa........... ME: What! hahaha Prick, how did you get my number? Wuyifan: My fairy GODMOTHER, what do you think? ME: Yeah right...I'm sure your fairy godmother name starts with K no? Wuyifan: Are you complaining Ms.Lia? You don't want to talk to me?? ME: I didn't say that Wuyifan: then what are you saying? ME: Well.... Wuyifan: Just admit it, you were thinking of me and you missed me... ME: What!! you dreams, mister Wuyifan: Are you sure? ME: Yep...get over yourself already, will ya! Wuyifan: Will see about that Wuyifan: OK Ms.Lia as much as I want to continue this convo, need to hit the sack. Got the show tom' You're coming right? ME: Huh! show, when, where... I'll try. Wuyifan: Stop messing with me, Ms.Lia ME: Go to sleep, Mr.Kris Wuyifan: Answer me first... ME: Told you...I'll try. Wuyifan: That's not an answer. ME: Ufff...what do you want me to say? Wuyifan: Say, 'Yes my dear Kris... I will come' ME: Oh please! I'm not saying that. Cheesiness much! :D ME: Go to sleep brat!! Wuyifan: Say it...waiting...................... ME: Really, Mr.Kris!! Wuyifan: Yes, really Ms.Liaaaaaaa... ME: I'll come. There, Happy now?! ME: P.S. My name is not Liaaaaa, it's just Lia Wuyifan: Nope, I'm not happy Ms.Liaaaaaa... Wuyifan: Yes, I'm gonna called you that till you say 'Yes, my dear Kris, I will come' ME: I can't believe I got cornered to this. ME: 'Yes, my dear Kris, I will come.'re such a brat, u know that! ME: GO TO SLEEP!! I swear, if you don't I will personally come & whoop your arse!! Wuyifan: Really...sounds interesting, come over then Wuyifan: Looking forward to that whooping....kekeke ME: Oh SHUT UP!!!! ME: Good night Mr.Kris Wuyifan: Good night, Ms.Lia P.S. These convo is not over :p ME: Good nighttttttttttt Wuyifan: Ha ha ha Good night Lia! I felt asleep smiling "Liaaa....are you awake. Come & have your breakfast..." K shouted from the kitchen. I stretched as I got off the bed. Then it hit me, did I dream or did I really meet Kris? I shook my head a couple of times just to make sure I wasn't dreaming. "Give me a few minutes, will wash up and be there in a jiffy" I called back. K was already half way through her breakfast. "Boy! I just slept the moment I hit the pillow" "How about you? Did you have a good sleep?" K asked. "Well....I didn't sleep off immediately, I smiled sheepishly. "He text you, didn't he?" K beamed "Yep, thanks to you for passing on my number" I scoff "Oh com'n bitch...stop acting like you don't feel it. I know you spazzing inside. You can't fool me" K rolled her eyes. You owe me big time... "EeeeeYessss..." I squealed. You got me. I can't help it. He just gorgeous isn't he? Even better in real life. I swear, I had no idea who he was until you said so. OMG! you have no idea how embarrassing that was. I shiver at the thought. "Anyways, they have a show today?" "Yes, they do and guess what, he sent VIP passes for us" "What! When did he do that?" Someone came by this morning to deliver the passes. Ahmmn...looks like someone make quite an impression. Oh well, I beamed. No one can resist this...I snap my fingers and sashay my way to my seat. We laughed for a whole minute before we got back to our breakfast. Then we started making plans for the day. We decided to hit the biggest mall and shop till we drop. In a hour, we were out of the house. Time flew with all the crazy shopping. By the time we sat down for lunch, its was already 3. Just then my phone buzz. Ooh must be you-know-who, K teased seem more excited then me. Here you can check the msg" I passed my phone. "Really!!" K snatched the phone before I even said yes. " cute, look at them" K cooed I took the phone and checked. Behold! four super cute species laughing into the camera. Below it said 'The boys says hello' ME: Awwh..sweet. Hello to them too. They are so cuteeeee, can I adopt them? Wuyifan: You way! Wuyifan: I'm not cute? ME: Pleaseeeee *puppyeyes* And no you're NOT cute!! :p Wuyifan: Don't be mean now Ms.Lia. ME: Reality check darling Wuyifan: Did you just called me darling, Ms.Lia ME: Not I did not. Check your eyesight Wuyifan: My eyesight is perfect ME: Go back to your rehearsal Wuyifan: I'm free for the next 20 minutes ME: I'm not...laters! Wuyifan: Seriously, you don't want to be the queen of my galaxy for the next 20 minutes? ME: Galaxy? Naaaah I'll pass...I'm sure prospective number of Queens are already lining up there Wuyifan: Ms.Liaaa you are just... ME: What? Beautiful, hot, sexy...which one? :p Wuyifan: Hahahaha all the above. ME: Smart answer Mr.Kris. GTG! All the best for the show. Cheering for you guys here. ME: Bye now Wuyifan: Bye Ms.Lia. Laters!! He sure got a thing for you, hasn't he? K asked thoughtfully. Hahaha dear, I'm pretty sure he's not serious. We're just playing the same game. He'll be gone tom' All this I SAID will phased out quickly as it happened. Let's just enjoy the moment and move on. It's not everyday, a girl gets to enjoy the attention of the EXO boys, do they? I winked. Well, yeah...still, you never know. Could be the start of something great you know, K insisted. Well, whatever will be, will be. Let's leave that to fate, I laughed. I manage to change the topic thankfully and we moved on. By 7 we were back, tired to our bones. Lets skip the concert, I'm exhausted I yawned. Bitch! no way are we NOT missing this out. I will literally drag you even if you're half sleep, K threatened Now go and freshen up.. I drag my butt to the bathroom for a quick shower, got ready. We drove for a good 45 minutes till we reached the entrance of the venue. Holy shit! look at the crowd. Can we actually make through that!!!???" I asked shocked at the number of people. What did you expect, its EXO were talking about lady. C'mon we need to get the VIP section. K pulled me towards the VIP entrance. After all the formalities were done, we were shown to the area where our seats were which was practically right next to the stage, first row. As we waited for the show to start...the fans were already chanting E-X-O...E-X-O...E-X-O.... To be honest, I was pinching myself just to make sure I wasn't dreaming. Ending up in EXO concert that too first row was the last thing I expected in this trip or in my life to be precise. But here I was standing admits thousands of screaming fans. My excitement growing every second and for some reason, I was also nervous. No idea why but the thought of seeing Kris up on stage was overwhelming. I was still trying to wrap my head around the idea that I actually met him. 30 minutes till EXO take the stage, the MC announce. Fans roar, the whole stadium was buzzing with excitement. I felt my phone buzzz. I dig inside my bag to checked the message. I smiled as I saw from whom it was. Wuyifan: Ms.Lia, where are you? ME: Home...I'm I supposed to be somewhere? Wuyifan: WHAT!!!?? You're kidding right? ME: No...why would I? Wuyifan: Stop messing with me Ms.LIAaaaa!!! I just got few minutes. WHERE ARE YOU????? ME: You don't have to shout, Mr.Kris :p ME: OK OK...I'm at a place where all one can hear is EXO EXO...think I'm gonna go deaf now Wuyifan: Ha ha ha that's more like it. Wish me luck now ME: Good luck Mr.Kris, u better Impress me or I'm resigning from EXO fandom Wuyifan: Ha! you finally admit u're my fan? ME: Nope! I'm a fan of EXO not Mr.Kris. Big DIFFERENCE sweetie! Wuyifan: Potato...Potaa-to ;p Wuyifan: Bye Ms.Lia ME: Bye Mr.Kris :) I smiled as I put my phone back in my bag. The Countdown began after few minutes 10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1-0... ...the boys appears amidst smoke and lights. The crowd went wild, the screams filling the stadium. There on, I hardly had time for thoughts. I was lost in the performance. It was like I'm was in some kind of illusion mesmerized by 12 perfect beings. Right when I thought it couldn't get anymore perfect, there he was, few feet away looking straight down at me and smiled. I blink twice to see if that was real or I just imagined it. OMG!! did you just see that. OMG!! K screamed into my ear "Uhh! yeah..What???" I replied a little dazed Kris just smiled at you, dufus...I can bet it was at you. OMGgggg Liaaaaaa... The rest of the show was insane. By the time the boys sang the last song and bid farewell to the fans, we could hardly speak. The screaming and jumping took a toll on our voice. We manage to push our way out of the stadium with much difficulty. The fans were already lining up all over the venue outside to get the final glance of their idols as they leave. K and I did not stick around, we found our car and headed home. We hardly spoke on our way home as we both were still dazed from the show. Didn't take us much time to get home with the night traffic. The moment we got in, we grab a bottle of beer and slouched on the sofa. We looked at each other & burst of laughing. Omg! we did it Bitch. We actually attended EXO, first row, who could have thought!! Thank your Kris for the passes. Seriously best night of my life ever "He's NOT MY KRIS FYI. Yep, you bet...I definitely will. "Pleauuuseee...mark my word missy. I can see something here" "Pssst....please I'm not that ambitious" I laughed. But yes, got to thank my lucky star. Come tom' back to reality yo! I had a great time while it lasted. Let's cheers to that..." I raised my bottle "We will see" K gave me a weird look before clicking my bottle. Anywho, tom's your last day. What should we do? "Let's do some sighting seeing and yes, we are hitting the place where we get the best street food, what say?" I asked excitedly. Ha ha ha girl...I almost forgot your love for street food. Of course, of course!! Let's get some rest, I think we over exercised ourselves for one day. Need to reserved our energy for tom...K said sniffling a yawn. Yep, lets head off now I replied. We gulp down our last drink and moved to our rooms. As usual, K shouted 'Good night babe' from her room. 'Good night dorleeeeng' I shouted back. I checked my phone as I got into bed. No messages, guess that's it. I couldn't help feeling a little sad. Well, welcome back to reality Lia, I told myself before I drift off to sleep I woke up feeling refreshed and rejuvenated from the good sleep. I shouted Good Morning K..... Good Morning dear, finally you're awake. Get your butt up asap. We're running late. This your last day, lets hit the road. We got so many things to do, K shouted from the other room. Gimme 30 minutes... I scrambled off the bed to the bathroom for a quick shower. Dressed quickly and grab by bag, dumping my sunnies, purse, phone before moving out of the room. 'I'm ready' I yelled. K came out aftr 5 minutes. We got in car and push off. I pulled out my phone to check for messages. My heart fluttered when I saw the name Wuyifan. Ahmmn...someone is smiling. Msg from Mr.Galaxy eh? K teased I laughed and open the msg... Wuyifan: I hope you had a great time at the show. Sorry I couldn't text last night. I'm at the airport now heading back now. Will buzz you when I reached home. Wuyifan: Have a nice day. Don't be naughty ;) Oh & yes....miss me, that's an order! :p Ha! that's an ORDER? Seriously, this guy I laughed. Well...? K look at me expectantly Well...What? I replied innocently Oh c'mon! put me outta my misery, will ya! Its him right...right??? Hmmnn...yeah I laugh Bitch! I knew it! AHA!! this is just the beginning, K sang. Don't get your hope so high missy, I'm gonna take one day at a time, I smiled. Ok 'nuff with this topic. This is our day. No EXO will meddle today. Let's get on with it and make the most of it, I firmly told K We tried out every possible street food we could. Shopped, clicked as many pics possible. By the time we got home, we were thoroughly exhausted. We unwind over a bottle of wine for an hour and hit the sack as I had an morning flight. No sooner, I touched my pillow I felt asleep. Lia! wake up. It's already 5, pack and get ready. When you're done, come out and eat your breakfast" K said as she pulled the windows curtain aside. I quickly got up, showered and packed my things and dragged my luggage out. Well, this is it! Thank you so much for the great time love,I hugged and kissed K on the cheeks. Until our next trip. I'm so gonna miss you I gonna miss you more, K said eyes all misty Don't a dare wail on me lady, I teased. You are such a bitch, K laughed amidst her tears. I'm sorry I won't be able to see you off. C'mon, Its alright. You already took off from work just for me. That's more than enough. Well, I better get going before the taxi leaves me, I laughed. K help me with my luggage to the car. I gave her a final hug and got in the taxi. I waved till she was out of sight. As the taxi drove through the street, I rolled down the window. Turned my face towards the window closing my eyes, feeling the cool breeze as it hit my face. The sun was already peeking out in the sky. I smiled and sent a grateful prayer above for the good time I had. For the good friends I'm blessed with and all things I got to enjoy in this trip. My felt my phone buzz. I browsed inside my bag to get the phone. Who would msg me this early, I thought. I looked and smiled at the familiar name popped up Wuyifan: Good Morning Ms.Lia ME: Gooood morning Mr.Kris :) Wuyifan: Wow...sounds like someone is happy to see my msg :p ME: Don't flattered urself Mr.Kris. I'm just in a good mood today :p Wuyifan: U really won't admit, would you? lol ME: Well, there's nothing to admit to, is there??! :D Wuyifan: Ms.Lia...are you playing "hard-to-get"?? ME: Hmmnn...that depends, are you trying to get me? :O Wuyifan: Ha ha sure know how to keep a guy in toe. Wuyifan: U amaze me Ms.Lia!! ME: Well, that's because I'm amazing duh!! :p Wuyifan: ha ha ha indeed indeed...So, you must be heading off to airport now then? ME: Are u spying on me Mr.Kris? lol Wuyifan: Did you forget I have superpowers? I have my Intel everywhere fyi ME: Oh my! I can't escape from you, can I? lol Wuyifan: Nope, you CANNOT Ms.Lia! ;) ME: Ha! will see. I too have few tricks of my own mister. Wuyifan: I'm pretty sure I can handle that lady ME: So confident are you Mr.Kris?!! lol Wuyifan: Of course! I'm KRIS!! *Smirks* ME: Don't pull that stunt on me. I'm immune to that. Remember I'm LIA! :D Wuyifan: Ha ha ha will see... ;) ME: OK Mr.Kris got to go. Checking in now. Wuyifan: OK! just a quick Q Wuyifan: When's your next trip? ME: I got some days off next month. So, maybe...why? Wuyifan: Where you planning to go? ME: That's a secret, else you just might follow me there! :p Wuyifan: Oh c'mon tell me ME: Nope, no way! Sorry mister, like I said, its a secret :p Wuyifan: AHa! think I can guess... *coughs* ME: Ha ha ha well...keep guessing Mr.Kris!! I really gtg now. ME: Talk to you later :p Wuyifan: Don't you dare leave me guessing...MS.LIA ME: I DARE YOU...MR.KRIS!! ;) With that, I switched off my phone anx put it inside my bag. I had the biggest smiled as I walked towards the entrance to checked in. YES GUYS...YOU KNOW EXACTLY WHERE I'm HEADING TO IN MY NEXT TRIP, RIGHT? ;D ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Author note: I hope you enjoyed the story. Don't forget to Comment your thoughts. Until next time. Cheers!! xoxo
Ms. Liaaaa is straight SASSY!! Love her! Had me rollin how she put Mr. Kris in his place! HAHA!
I will!
@DesireeChucklez...😊😊😊 thanks for checking out my story. Do check out my other stories if u like...😁
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