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So I saw this and like normal I did it. Thanks @pinkfluffyunico Original card here: http://www.vingle.net/posts/1505580?shsrc=v
Aw... my closest friend Rapmon. When in trouble I know he will always listen to my worries.
Don't know why, but truthfully, it could have been anything. I'm a fairly annoying person.
So, despite being my closest friend, my parents absolutely hate him and despise me spending so much time with him. My parents don't like rapping swag gangsters.
No.... instead my parents want me to marry Jimin, the one that hates me. Splendid. -_- I don't see that happening. Sorry parents.
I apparently started dating this baby. ....cute......
*wack* From left field. Jin.... why you gotta be like this? Forget it. (Don't mind my GOT7 reference.)
So, we had a meaningful relationship. I was happy. It was strange.
But, my relationship with Kook didn't last. We got divorced. I rebounded to Hobie. There was passion and well, kids happened. We got married after the fact. They were some of the happiest years of my life. ♥♥♥
After my kids grow up and moved away, tragedy hit. (I won't give you the gory details.) My dear Hobie...... passed away. In my darkest time my dear friend NamJoonie was there to confort me. He had never stopped being friend through all my trials and errors. We never had a relationship, but we supported each other into our golden years.
I never did get V or Suga, but I guess it is for the better because this game screwed with the concept of a decent relationship. I swear I'm not this flippy floppy went it comes to relationships.... for the most part. I just really love JHope.♥♥ And RapMon is awesome too. ♥
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This would be a beautiful fan fiction lol!