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This gotta be the new trend of Kpop this year; everyone is coming back with at least two title tracks. Lee Hyori, 2pm, BEAST, 2NE1 and now, B.A.P! B.A.P agency announced a few days ago that boys will be back with their third mini album on June 28th, and will be presenting to fans not one but THREE title tracks! The first title is revealed today, named 'Coffee Shop', along with its photo teaser. (The photo isn't something that I would expect from B.A.P because they always have a dark vibe, but it looks perfect for summer! Well I can't expect something dark with the title 'Coffee Shop' anyway.) Their representative shared that the decision didn't come overnight. They are choosing the unconventional route this time, especially for a group that has debuted less than two years, but they are confident that fans won't be disappointed by any of the three tracks. This is ambitious of them and I hope that they can achieve it. Fighting boys.
OMG! Can't wait for their new song. :)
three title songs? lol I hope that's as far as anyone will go, else the meaning of 'title song' won't be the same anymore :)