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There's one thing that's synonymous with DOOM, for me anyway, is the 90s. And video games in the 90s were nothing like they are now. We didn't have branching storylines or narratives that made us think about our relationships. They were shooty-pew-pew's that were fun. It was fun to kill time (AND DEMONS, LOL) for hours at a time.
And something else that's synonymous with the 90s is "butt-rock". And I think I've talked about butt rock before. You know, ridiculous guitar riffs and just that "ggrrrryyyyeeeaaaah" vocal thing that those bands do.
Oh, wait. You don't know what I'm talking about? At all? Then just watch the trailer below and you'll hear what I'm trying to describe.
The trailer is live-action but only sort of live-action. I mean, you can tell there's a real guy in the DOOM suit doing all these DOOM-esque things. But other than that, it's just a trailer that's so 90s, it almost makes me feel like I'm living in the past.
The only other thing they could have done to make this trailer embrace the 90s even harder is if they decided to put some weird filter on the whole thing to make it seem like it was being played on a VHS. Do any of you know what a VHS tape is? Or a VHS player? Have you heard the term, "Be kind, rewind"?
Man, I miss those days. But also not really because I have all the information on the tips of my fat little fingers.
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Hahah I am glad to know what a VHS is and also the movie VHS cx but anyway, the trailer looked badass (just saying)! I wish they could've used another song for it but this one is good too. The boss though! Legitness!! Hahah