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So this is going to be my first fan fiction. This will be about a Mark Tuan fan fiction. Your going to be playing as a girl named Ji Hung (I just totally made that up) will you learn what love is with Mark by your side?
Todays the day. Todays the day I go back to Korea. I can't wait to see my family again after 5 years. I just graduated my 4 year college course. *at the airport* "Okay" I was looking around as I said to myself. I was lined up at gate 7 to go on the plane to Korea. As I was in the line I was thinking what my parents would say when I get back. I was next in line to get my ticket verified. I was able to get past and got on the plane. When I was on I decided to put my headphones on and listen to 'fly' by Got7. Before I knew it I fell asleep. I knew the flight was over when I woke up to this very handsome man shaking my shoulders, trying to wake me up. I got up said "thank you" to him. When I got off someone tapped my shoulder, so I turned around to see who it was. It seems it was the same man before who wake me up. The man said, "did ya forget something?" as soon as he asked me that question i checked my bags, but I didn't have my purse. "Oh my goodness, yes" I was about to run back to the plane but was held back by a tight grip on my hand. "He stole my purse" I thought. So I started to punch his chest. He started to yell "HEY CRAZY LADY I WAS JUST TRYING TO GIVE BACK YOUR PURSE YOU LEFT ON THE PLANE!" Oh that was what he was trying to do, so I apologized and stopped beating him. "Thanks...again." "No problem." He then gave my purse back. "So whats your name?" he then tried to start a conversation. "My name is Ji Hung, whats your name?" "I'm Mark Tuan nice to meet you." "You too," I said gladly.
Hi peeps. This is my first story I'm writing, i hope you like it! Don't mind if I made some mistakes. I'm sorry!!! I will try to update weekly or daily maybe Bye also if you want to be tagged in this please say so.
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lol she was listening to got7 but didn't notice that mark was talking to her lol maybe she really is a "CRAZY LADY " 😉😉 please tag me
Please tag me. This is adorable and a bit comedic. :)
thank you @ShellyVargas
Thanks @PrincessUnicorn I'll continue writing everyday if i can
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