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I mean how great is this story?! I promise that you will smile and your heart will grow bigger while reading/watching this story.

It's time to meet the rescued dog that adopted two abandoned ducklings!

Meet Patty Cakes, Penguin and Popinjay.

Patty Cakes is a rescued pup from Life of Pikelet. The two adorable ducklings were dropped off at the door of Wollongong Animal Rescue Network. Patty is just 6 months old but he has adopted the two little ducklings as his own. And they hang out together and do fun things, and my heart might explode from all of the cutenes!
Watch this adorable video to see Patty Cakes, Penguin and Popinjay in action loving each other.

Keep being so adorable Patty Cakes, Penguin and Popinjay!

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I love cross species snuggles! so cute and heartwarming!
I'm so happy that this pittie is getting some positive attention! Bully breeds have such a bad rep, so when there is undeniable proof of how loving and amazing they are, I love it when it can be shared with the community/world X3